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Martial Law Declared in Nepal

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Nepal: All communication links were cut after the King Gyanendra's announcement of suspending parliament and fundamental rights, on Tuesday, 1st of february.
Airlinks have been closed, roads blocked, other transport links delayed. Armed security forces in riot gear are deployed. Leaders of major political parties, trade unions and student organisations are under house arrest or detained. Army is stationed in the editorial offices of all national dailies in order to censor. Outside of Kathmandu, the Maoist strike is apparently observed.

A student demonstration at Prithvi Narayan Campus in Pokhara was fired on by a military helicopter gunship leaving several protestors badly injured if not dead; all FM radio broadcasts outside of Kathmandu are blocked and those broadcasting in Kathmandu play only entertainment-oriented programmes; the BBC FM station recently established in Kathmandu is forbidden from broadcasting the news in Nepali; news stands outside of the Valley have been closed; and a 72-hour blockade on long-distance public bus travel in and out of Kathmandu is in place.

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Photo: Nepalese Soldiers in Kathmandu Feb 2
Photo: Nepalese Soldiers in Kathmandu Feb 2

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Capital loves Monarchy!

23.02.2005 13:34

No surprise to see Western Governments queueing up to supply arms for Nepal's viscious counter-insurgency.As far as the revolting crooks in Washington and London are concerned anything's better than the spectre of social revolution. So lets keep this ridiculous little prick in power - he may think that he's the latest reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, with a divine right to screw the country; and his only support might come from the military, but so what? Prince Charles has been in the same position for decades.

On a more depressing note, how long before we have to read a ringing endorsement of Nepalese theocracy in 'The Ecologist' magazine? They've been pushing their restore the 'cosmic covenant' line with enthusiasm - putting God and the Monarch back in a lucrative partnership, ruling over a world free of Godless sodomites and illegal immigrants.

If there's anything more depressing than a bunch of neo-conservatives shoving their jackboot in your face then it's the spectacle of a load of Green youghurt weavers cheerleading from the sidelines.

Dr Strangelove