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Resistance to ID Cards takes to the Streets

imc mcr | 01.02.2005 18:18 | Repression | Technology

“The only way we’ll be able to stop this vile scheme is if ordinary people have the courage to stand up to the government." Manchester defy-ID representative

"We will be unable to access even basic services.., to drive ...[or] travel abroad unless we consent to this monitoring of our day-to-day lives.” Manchester resident

Saturday (29th January) was a day called for action against the government's proposal to introduce identity cards and a National Identity Register in the UK. In Manchester residents opposed to the scheme visited the offices of PA Consulting Group and Siemens Business Services, two of a number of companies that stand to make considerable profits from the proposed scheme.

Meanwhile, out on the streets of Manchester to pass on information on the proposed measure and its implications were the The Ministry of Truth (honest gov). Street protests also took place in Liverpool , organised by a local defy-ID group.

'ID cards will not be used to build up a profile on innocent people', according to former Home secretary David Blunkett, yet scrutiny of the Bill reveals that a wide-ranging amount of data on people will be stored via the National Identity Register. The card will also be buttressed by a vast array of new state powers and criminal penalties including, for example, 'refusal to obey an order to register' which could be greeted with a fine of £2500.

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