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Liverpool Defy-ID Group Take Part In National Day Of Action!

Kai Andersen c/o LIVERPOOL DEFY-ID | 29.01.2005 00:00 | Repression | Social Struggles | Technology | Liverpool

Today, Friday 28th of February was the National Day of Action against government plans for a compulsory ID card and ID database. Our group was only set up in early January and quickly and successfully organised a worthwhile protest here in Liverpool.

PC Tony Blair showing his ID card in Liverpool today!
PC Tony Blair showing his ID card in Liverpool today!

This is a brief report with one photograph posted here and within the following link, a more fuller report with extra photographs will be posted tomorrow (Saturday 29th January)if not before, ie as fast as I can write it and post it up.

Suggestion: It would be very useful/helpful if your comments, messages of support, points of concern, information, questions, rants and further debate etc were posted within the main article link above to keep it all together and for future reference and information.

Also just saw Newsnight while writing this on Radio Frequency Indentity (RFID) more on this later too...

Manchester - Protest Against ID Cards Beginning Already

Kai Andersen c/o LIVERPOOL DEFY-ID
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NO2ID Flyers for Passport Office

03.10.2006 04:44

The Liberal party passed out 2000 No2ID flyers at the John Moores Freshers Fair and 1,500 at the Liverpool university fair

We are asking for support to post flyers from 12.30 to 14.oo on Thursday 5th October to mark day the first of many hikes in the price of passports will be made to mett cost of ID card Scheme.

Meet from 12.30 outside Loiverpoool passport office , Old Hall Street ,Liverpool

Steve Radford
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