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'Elections Furore': Second film from Palestine:

Mika Minio-Paluello | 14.01.2005 16:27 | Repression | Oxford

Elections Furore [2005; 6min;]

The Balata Film Collective have just released their second mini-documentary about the Palestinian National Authority elections.
Download it now from

"elections furore"

The girl journalists hit the streets of Balata during voting to see what camp residents really think about the PNA elections. Outspoken voters and non-voters
argue their points in a manner not heard in the mainstream media. Women, workers, wanted fighters ... all have something to say and want the world to hear it.

The second film from the balata film collective, 'elections furore' was conceived, produced and edited solely by Palestinians from Balata Camp. The footage was shot during the elections for the Palestinian National Authority on January 9, 2005.

Quotes include:
* "How can we can have elections before the occupation has ended?"
* "Of course we have elections, we must try to continue our daily lives, even under occupation.
* "As they say, a drowning person will clutch any stick."

'elections furore' is available for download from

Also: see for a recording of Palestinian Fateh prisoners from Balata celebrating Abu Mazen's victory INSIDE NAKAB PRISON.

The Balata Film Collective aims to open new channels of communication with the outside world, challenge the mainstream media representations of camp residents and support local Palestinian resistance.
Currently, the film collective is working primarily on video shorts to be distributed via the internet. In the future this will be followed by full-length movies distributed on DVD and VHS. Interesting footage will hopefully be made available on a server for other filmmakers across the world.

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