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EDO on trial in Brighton Magistrates 11 - 14th Jan 2005

the wall must fall | 06.01.2005 12:54 | Anti-militarism | South Coast

please come and support 5 activists on trial for aggravated trespass 11-14th Jan at EDO Tech - Brighton's very own arms manufacturer. Demonstrations are planned at the court in the afternoon on Tuesday 11th and at the factory at 4pm on Thursday 14th to celebrate the end of the trial. Crash pad accomodation available in brighton - email if you'd lke to come along

there will also be a public meeting against EDO in Mouslecoomb on the 11th at 6.30pm - see the website for details


Trial of EDO Tech 5 – 11-14 Jan 05, Brighton Magistrates’ Court.

In May 2004, 5 people climbed onto the roof of EDO/MBM Technology, an arms company in Brighton. They hung banners across the front of the building and stayed on the roof most of the day, even though one brave man had broken his ankle. There was another group blockading the entrance road at the same time.

Mainstream media reported the protest, raising the profile of the campaign against this arms factory. EDO/MBM did very little work and lost £20, 000.

Five activists were arrested for staging a rooftop occupation lasting
late into the evening. They are charged with aggravated trespass which is defined as obstructing lawful business.
The activists will use the International Criminal Court Act 2001 to argue that EDO/MBM's business is unlawful. The ICC Act makes it a crime under domestic law to be ancillary to war crimes andcrimes against humanity – the defense will argue that the war on Iraq constitutes such a crime.

EDO/MBM is an arms factory, on the Home Farm Industrial Estate, Mouslecoomb, Brighton.manufacturing bomb release mechanisms for F16, Hawk Hurricane and Tornado Fighter Jets, tank diagnostic systems and the controversial Paveway IV precision guidance system used in the invasion and occupation of Iraq. The factory supplies equipment to Lockheed Martin in the USA who equip human rights abusers like Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Israel and Turkey.

For more information, telephone 07900698550 or email For more details about the campaign see http/

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