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The Inaugural Map

The Inaugural Mapmaker | 03.01.2005 02:38 | Culture | Education | Indymedia

On Thursday January 20th, 2004 thousands of people are expected to convene on Washington, DC for the inauguration of George W. Bush. The Inaugural Map is an on-line portal created to facilitate and coordinate the plans of these visitors coming to Washington, DC from all around a very divided World. In order to direct these visitors to the most appropriate places around DC, the Inaugural Map contains links to both the "Red" & "Blue" websites to further coordinate visitor plans.

The Inaugural Map was constructed using information freely available on the internet and created using Macromedia's web authoring program "Flash" The map itself is a high resolution orthoimage of Washington, DC obtained from the U.S. Geological Survey ( and available for download on the Inaugural Map website. The information contained in this interactive geographical information system is from the Washington Area Metro Transit Authority, MapQuest, and the Joint Task Force Armed Forces Inaugural Committee. As more information concerning inauguration becomes available, the Inaugural Map will be updated accordingly.

The Inaugural Mapmaker
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