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USUK atrocities in Fallujah

DJ | 01.01.2005 23:40 | Anti-militarism | Repression

An eyewitness account of the siege of Fallujah

Horror stories — including the use of napalm and chemical weapons by the U.S. military during the siege of Fallujah — continue to trickle out from the rubble of the demolished city, carried by weary refugees lucky enough to have escaped their city... an interview with a cameraman with the Lebanese Broadcasting Corp. who witnessed the first eight days of the fighting told of what he considered atrocities.

Second USUK Fallujah massacre
Second USUK Fallujah massacre

An eyewitness account of the siege of Fallujah

by Dahr Jamail

Horror stories — including the use of napalm and chemical weapons by the U.S. military during the siege of Fallujah — continue to trickle out from the rubble of the demolished city, carried by weary refugees lucky enough to have escaped their city.

A cameraman with the Lebanese Broadcasting Corp. who witnessed the first eight days of the fighting told of what he considered atrocities. Burhan Fasa’a has worked for LBC throughout the occupation of Iraq.

“I entered Fallujah near the Julan Quarter, which is near the General Hospital,” he said during an interview in Baghdad. “There were American snipers on top of the hospital shooting everyone.”

He nervously smoked cigarettes throughout the interview, still visibly shaken by what he saw.

On Nov. 8, the military was allowing women and children to leave the city, but none of the men. He was not allowed to enter the city through one of the main checkpoints, so he circumnavigated Fallujah and managed to enter, precariously, by walking through a rural area near the main hospital, then taking a small boat across the river in order to film from inside the city.

“Before I found the boat, I was 50 meters from the hospital where the American snipers were shooting everyone in sight,” he said. “But I managed to get in.”

He told of bombing so heavy and constant by U.S. warplanes that rarely a minute passed without the ground shaking from the bombing campaign.

“The Americans used very heavy bombs to break the spirit of the fighters in Fallujah,” he explained. Then, holding out his arms, he added, “They bombed everything! I mean everything!”

This went on for the first two days, he said. Then on the third day, columns of tanks and other armored vehicles made their move. “Huge numbers of tanks and armored vehicles and troops attempted to enter the north side of Fallujah,” he said. “But I filmed at least 12 U.S. vehicles that were destroyed.”

The military wasn’t yet able to push into Fallujah, and the bombing resumed.

“I saw at least 200 families who had their homes collapsed on their heads by American bombs,” Burhan said while looking at the ground, a long ash dangling from his cigarette. “Fallujans already needed everything! I mean they already had no food or medicine. I saw a huge number of people killed in the northern part of the city, and most of them were civilians.”

At this point he started to tell story after story of what he saw during the first week of the siege.

“The dead were buried in gardens because people couldn’t leave their homes. There were so many people wounded, and, with no medical supplies, people died from their wounds. Everyone in the street was a target for the Americans; even I saw so many civilians shot by them.”

He looked out the window, taking several deep breaths. By then, he said, most families had already run out of food. Families were sneaking through nearby houses to scavenge for food. Water and electricity had long since been cut.

The military called over loudspeakers for families to surrender and come out of their houses, but Burhan said everyone was too afraid to leave their homes. So soldiers began blasting open the gates to houses and conducting searches.

“Americans did not have interpreters with them, so they entered houses and killed people because they didn’t speak English! They entered the house where I was with 26 people and shot people because they didn’t obey their orders, even just because the people couldn’t understand a word of English. Ninety-five percent of the people killed in the houses that I saw were killed because they couldn’t speak English.”

His eyes were tearing up, so he lit another cigarette and continued talking.

“Soldiers thought the people were rejecting their orders, so they shot them. But the people just couldn’t understand them!”

He managed to keep filming battles and scenes from inside the city, some of which he later managed to sell to Reuters, who showed a few clips of his footage. The Lebanese Broadcasting Corp., he explained, would not show any of the tapes he submitted to them. He had managed to smuggle most of his tapes out of the city before his gear was taken from him.

“The Americans took all of my camera equipment when they found it. At that time I watched one soldier take money from a small child in front of everyone in our house.”

Burhan said that when the troops learned he was a journalist, he was treated worse than the other people in the home where they were seeking refuge. He was detained, along with several other men, women and children.

“They beat me and cursed me because I work for LBC. Then they interrogated me. They were so angry at al-Jazeera and al-Arabia networks.”

He was held for three days, sleeping on the ground with no blankets, as did all of the prisoners in a detention camp inside a military camp outside Fallujah.

“They arrested over 100 from my area, including women and kids. We had one toilet, which was in front of where we all were kept, and everyone was shamed by having to use this in public. There was no privacy, and the Americans made us use it with handcuffs on.”

He said he wanted to talk more about what he saw inside Fallujah during the nine days he was there.

“I saw cluster bombs everywhere, and so many bodies that were burned, dead with no bullets in them. So they definitely used fire weapons, especially in Julan District. I watched American snipers shoot civilians so many times. I saw an American sniper in a minaret of a mosque shooting everyone that moved.”

He also witnessed something which many refugees from Fallujah have reported.

“I saw civilians trying to swim the Euphrates to escape, and they were all shot by American snipers on the other side of the river.”

The home he was staying in before he was detained was located near the mosque where the NBC cameraman filmed the execution of an older, wounded Iraqi man.

“The mosque where the wounded man was shot that the NBC cameraman filmed — that is in the Jubail Quarter — I was in that quarter. Wounded, unarmed people used that mosque for safety! I can tell you there were no weapons in there of any kind, because I was in that mosque. People only hid there for safety. That is all.”

He personally witnessed another horrible event reported by many of the refugees who reached Baghdad.

“On Tuesday, Nov. 16, I saw tanks roll over the wounded in the streets of the Jumariyah Quarter. There is a public clinic there, so we call that the clinic street. There had been a heavy battle in this street, so there were 20 bodies of dead fighters and some wounded civilians in front of this clinic. I was there at the clinic, and at 11 a.m. on the 16th I watched tanks roll over the wounded and dead there.”

After another long pause, he looked out the window for awhile. Still looking out the window, he said, “During the nine days I was in Fallujah, all of the wounded men, women, kids and old people, none of them were evacuated. They either suffered to death, or somehow survived.”

According to the Iraqi Red Crescent, which managed to get three ambulances into the city on Nov. 14, at least 150 families remain trapped inside the city. One family was surviving by placing rice in dirty water, letting it sit for two hours, then eating it. There has been no power or running water for a month in Fallujah.

People there are burying body parts from people blown apart by bombs, as well as skeletons of the dead whose flesh had been eaten by dogs.

The military estimates that 2,000 people in Fallujah were killed, but claims that most of them were fighters. Relief personnel and locals, however, believe the vast majority of the dead were civilians.

© 2004 by Dahr Jamail. Dahr Jamail’s daily dispatches, photos and commentary from Iraq are at Go to to subscribe to his email list. Jamail, a young Alaskan of Lebanese descent, is one of very few independent journalists in Iraq. His live reports can be heard on Flashpoints, Free Speech Radio News, Democracy Now! and other news shows on KPFA 94.1 FM.

More pictures of dead from second USUK massacre in Fallujah...

The pictures accompanying this story were taken by someone who was allowed into Fallujah by the U.S. military to help bury the dead and to photograph them for identification by relatives. All 71 photos may be seen on Dahr Jamail’s website at

One of the family members who was looking through the pictures for dead relatives, speaking on condition of anonymity, told of what he saw during the last few weeks:

“The Americans shot every boat on the river because people were trying to escape Fallujah by the river. They shot all the sheep; any animal people owned was shot. Helicopters shot all the animals and anything that moved in all the villages surrounding Fallujah during the fighting.”

He said that none of the roads into Fallujah or around Fallujah was passable because anyone on them was shot. “I know one family that were all killed. There are no signs on these roads that tell people not to use them, so people don’t know they aren’t supposed to use them. No signs in English or Arabic!”

© 2004 by Dahr Jamail. This information is taken from Dahr Jamail’s dispatches.

- Homepage:


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Psyops ?

03.01.2005 11:38

Dahr Jamail is a name that seems to crop up whenever a "report" critical of the UK or US military is published. A brief read of the website seems to indicate an individual who travels at high speed through Iraq (Falujha in the morning - Basra in the afternoon) without impediment and is always there to witness "atrocities". These reports are never confirmed by any other reputable news source or other witnesses - coincidence I'm sure.

The website used is hosted by an organisation which fronts the Al-Jamahra Organisation, a militant extremist Islamic group commited to a fundamentalist Islamic world - why would Dahr Jamail use them ?

Photographs - the reports are accompanied by photographs of events that occured in the past. Three separate reports use photos from the same event - why are no photos available ?

Many on Indymedia think the Police and the foces of the State are reading and posting it seems psyops to influence thinking and opinion come from other sources as well.

Not convinced

Oh give it a rest for fucks sake!

03.01.2005 14:31

Are you the PR spokesman for Al Qaeda or something? We have all been told a hundred times that there have been the odd atrocity committed by American and British troops in Iraq without being constantly told about it time and time again. What are you trying to do? Wind up Al Qeada with western atrocity horror stories so that they attack us again in another September 11th style attack?

Why don't you look at all the good work that America and Britain are doig in helping the tsumani victims in Asia?



03.01.2005 22:30

Dahr Jamail is a fake. A group of students from Manchester University created the person and the website at the start of the Iraq war and have been adding to the so called eyewitnes reports ever since. The BBC got caught at the begining but since found out the truth.

The Islamic group who back the pretend extreme sport photo company (not the same as a similar company with the same name) are a nasty bunch and would easily be classified as Islamofacists if such a term existed. For example they do not support women learning to read !

BBC worker

Easy to see who is making things up...

03.01.2005 23:13

For a television interview with Dahr Jamail, please check out

I hope you have Realplayer...

*sarcastic voice* Wow, he really looks like an imaginary Manchester University student to me!!!

You guys are such idiots.


BBC and the like

04.01.2005 13:39

BBC Worker - says it all. The BBC checked it out - The BBC gave less than 5% of comment air time about the invasion of Iraq to anti war commentators before the invasion started - so I couldn't give a shit what they think. As for the generosity of the British and American governments - read this,2763,1382932,00.html



04.01.2005 14:58

BBC worker, why did you choose Manchester University Students for your particular piece of disinformation? Well, it's an honour to be singled out for attack.

But sadly he appears to be a real person. Check out

'Dahr Jamail is Baghdad correspondent for The NewStandard. He is an Alaskan devoted to covering the untold stories from occupied Iraq. You can help Dahr continue his crucial work in Iraq by making donations. For more information or to donate to Dahr, visit The NewStandard.'

I wonder who is Psyops here on this message-board. Although you seem to be a rather incompetent operative if you are. Do you really work for the BBC? Perhaps in the cafeteria...

Manchester Man

So easy

04.01.2005 20:21

Jesus it's easy to fool you people !

Dahr Jamail is a group of students here in Manchester. They've even been featured on the local BBC news !

The BBC did admit they were fooled at first as it seems have been other news groups but not there is no Dahr Jamail I'm afraid just a bunch of Arab students here in sunny old Manchester having a bit of fun winding up news organisations (at it would seem several readers of Indymedia !)

Manchester Student

Further information

04.01.2005 20:53

For further information on Dahr Jamail spend some time in the Engineering Reception building at Manchester University, there you can see the leaflets listing the latest success of the boys as they get a credit on some news site somewhere.

A part of me laughs at how easy it is to fool the big news gatherers, what else do they take at face value I wonder but another part of me is sad that young Muslim men feel this is a good use of their time.

Much love




04.01.2005 22:51

I have decided to make a shocking announcement here on Indymedia, that in fact, I, George Bush, am in fact Dahr Jamail.

I have been so racked with guilt over my stupid and greedy invasion of Iraq...*sob*...I didn't know what to do...*sob* I pretended I was a journalist in Iraq to try and undo the damage I had caused by revealing the truth of the horror.

I'm...*sob**sob*...sorry!!! Especially to my dear love-flumple, Tony.

George Bush

Point being

04.01.2005 23:06

Anyone can log on as 'BBC Worker', or 'Iyad Allawi', and post any number of lies. It's ridiculous to be arguing about the reality of a person, but I feel I must, because it shows you up as incredibly stupid, which is a good thing, and keeps the legitimacy of the article intact.
If you have evidence all this is a fraud, then please, post it.

Suffice to say, this is from the website of the US based magazine 'The New Standard'

Dahr Jamail

Dahr Jamail is presently on his third trip to Iraq. He is no longer corresponding exclusively for TNS, but is again operating as an independent journalist. He lives in Anchorage, Alaska.

Dahr has a new website where all of his writings and photographs are archived, and where you can learn how to directly support his important work.

Previous contributions to The NewStandard:

Fallujah Refugees Tell of Life and Death in the Kill Zone

Iraqi Critics Speak Out on Occupation, Elections

U.S. Gives Iraqi Hospitals Broken Promises in Place of Medicine

Baqouba Sealed Off as U.S. Forces Lose Control of City

Americans, Iraqis Vie for Control of Security Forces

Civilian death toll rises in Sadr City; Mehdi army pledges to fight on

Pollution Chokes the Tigris, a Main Source of Baghdad’s Drinking Water

New Iraqi President Holds Tentative Grassroots Respect, Little Power

Mehdi Army Grows as Tempers Rage Over ‘Wedding Massacre’

Fallujah Doctors Report U.S. Forces Obstructed Medical Care in April

U.S. Military Raids Baghdad Mosque, Enraging Sunni Muslims

Electricity Production in Iraq Remains Below Pre-War Levels

Fallujah Rebels, Residents, Police Celebrate Victory over U.S. Marines

Angry Fallujans Prepared to Resist Renewed U.S. Patrols

Higher Education and Research in Iraq Comes to a Grinding Halt

Telltale Signs of Torture Lead Family to Demand Answers

Iraq's Only Disabilities Hospital Badly Underfunded, Inaccessible

Fallujah Residents Report U.S. Forces Engaged in Collective Punishment

U.S. Troops Raid Abu Hanifa Mosque, Destroy Fallujah Relief Goods

Insurgents Detain and Release Humanitarian Activists Near Fallujah

No End in Sight as Fallujah Death Toll Approaches 700

Following Violent Crackdown on Protests, Anger Rules Shi'ite Streets

Witnesses Dispute Official Death Toll from Khaldiya Incident

Iraqi Educational Institutions Suffering Amidst ‘Empty Promises’

IGC Turns the Clock Back on Women's Rights

Shiite Unity Challenges U.S. Plan in Iraq

Finally, there are numerous interviews with him on the progressive News serive

By the way, you guys are such plonkers. Does it make you feel good to try and distort the truth about an issue in which hundreds of thousands of people are suffering because of a greedy invasion? Why don't you go and make a joke about the thousands killed in the Tsunami while you're at it.

Manchester Man


05.01.2005 08:11

I too saw the reports on the BBC in Manchester of this made up journalist and yet it seems some people are still being fooled. It's almost as they they hate the idea so much of the person not being real they will never accept they have been duped.

Sarah in London

nice try

05.01.2005 13:38

The 'whois' for

Dahr Jamail

Dahr Jamail
P.O. Box 90790
Anchorage, AK 99509
Phone: 360-486-2102

First Registered:
July 15, 2004

Last Updated:
July 28, 2004

Administrative Contact:
Dahr Jamail
Dahr Jamail
P.O. Box 90790
Anchorage, AK 99509
Phone: 360-486-2102

Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
Domain Registrar
575 8th Avenue - 11th Floor
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 902-749-2701
Fax..: 902-749-5429

Name Servers:

Information Source:

Want a photo?
Want to listen to him?
Want to contact him?
Want to talk to his friends/colleges?

No, thought not.

Poor, very poor attempt.

mail e-mail:


05.01.2005 14:32

I think to try and deny someones existence requires a bit more evidence than several posts saying 'I saw a BBC report', because all those posts could be the same person. I can see no evidence online that this person is not real. Could you please provide some.

What I can see is a US newspaper, The New Standard, that claims he is a journalist for them, and on his website numerous photographs of Iraq, which I assume are very difficult to fake.
Also, numerous interviews with someone who is obviously from the US.

So please provide some evidence of your rather outrageous claim, or stop being stupid.


I want to believe ?

05.01.2005 17:19

I have found these series of postings of enourmous interest as they make clear a situation which although not unique to indymedia is becoming far more prevelant. In short we see a desire to believe a story, a theory, or a view is real if we agree with it.

A brief conversation with the administration department of Manchester University a couple of days ago confirmed what had been entered here on previous occasions, these journalistic reports are being created by a student team at the University. However that is not the point. The proof of the existence of the created person was listed by some as the fact that the fake reports that had been filed were picked up by a small news organisation despite the fact that the point of the deception was to fool news organisations. Even when a number of contributors provided independent confirmation that the hoax had been exposed on the BBC and a simple telephone call would have revealed the truth still there were those who so wanted to beleive that the reports were true as they confirmed their own view of the Iraq war.

This desire to want the story and the individual to be real manifested itself to an extreme degree in the posting of Mr Jack Lucid who was prepared to spend time creating an entire technical justification.

The question here is why. Why would any individual or group of individuals so need to think this journalist is a real person ? Research at Loughborough University showed that when strongly held beliefs are challenged with overwhelming evidence to the contrary the beleiver. far from changing their viewpoint often becomes more convinced of their thoughts. The next short steps are obvious.

Tony Syndonski


05.01.2005 17:39

Thanks Jacks, that was inspired.



05.01.2005 20:21

Do what I did to check

1) ring the engineering department on 0161 275 3463

2) ask if it's true

3) say thank you when the very polite lady on reception replies with a resigned air,
"yes I'm afraid you're not the first to ask. Yes some of our students have being having a bit of fun at the expense of the BBC"

4) Call the BBC in Manchester on 0161 200 2020 and asl them to confirm it.

5) thanks the BBC researcher who said somewhat embarresed,
"yes we did get caught with that lot - little buggers !"

Simple really


05.01.2005 20:27

I have been watching this thread with great interest. Certainly, I have noticed a distinct lack of any evidence produced by anyone regarding the supposed lack of existence of the afforementioned journalist Dahr Jamail.

I think what this shows is a deep psychological syndrome, often encountered amongst people who cannot face reality, of compulsive lying. When realising that, for example, the pro-war argument can no longer stand up against the overwhelming evidence of reality, and the reasoned arguments of critics, proponents of the war start a deliberate campaign of being complete jokers, which is easily perpetrated due to anonymity on the internet. Of course, if were able to see the aforementioned jokers personally, we would have a jolly good laugh at how stupid they are for trying to make a far-fetched claim on this message board without any evidence, and probably give them a good slapping.

Still, it warms me to my bones that the aforementioned pro-war jokers are seeing their imperial dreams smashed in the sands of Mesopotamia. Jolly good.

Pompous Git Pretending to be Important

Finding it fun now

05.01.2005 23:05

It's amazing how much you can find out about somebody searching on the web. I've certainly got too much time on my hands, but, well, I confess it as truth.

Firstly, there certainly exists a Dahr Jamail.

He said in an interview

'I had a calling to move to Alaska to climb Denali. I moved there in 1996, climbed Denali the next summer, and have stayed ever since. There I worked as a mountain guide during summers, as well as assisting in rescues with the park service. My life there for 5 years centered primarily on climbing and being in the mountains. Climbing found me traveling to Mexico, Pakistan, Chile and Argentina.'

And sure enough, if you search, you can find reports he wrote for the Anchorage Press

So, is this Dahr Jamail the same Dahr Jamail as is supposedly in Iraq, unembedded, writing reports, or not. Well, first, he has given talks in the US, in Philadelphia


A consequent posting shows that the planned talk did in fact go ahead

Are the anarchists in Philadelphia somehow in cahoots with the nefarious engineering students in Manchester, and possibly with Bin Laden himself!!!

Also, they must be in cahoots with ALL the anarchists in the US

Here's some from the DC

So, there is, in fact, a US journalist called Dahr Jamail, who has been giving talks at various locations, has been to Iraq twice before this time, in fact.


For your theory to be correct, these students from Manchester University Engineering Department must have hired a 33 year old Alaskan mountain climber to tour around the US claiming he'd been to Iraq.

Well, anything is possible...

Now, I cannot immediately phone the University of Manchester or the BBC to confirm any stories, but perhaps I will later.
Perhaps, since you seem so convinced, there were some students who were pretending to be Dahr Jamail, and phoning the BBC recently, I don't know.
BUT, there seems to be an awful lot of evidence pointing towards the existence of a Dahr Jamail, an Alaskan, who has spoken in numerous locations about his time to Iraq, and who should be in Iraq at the moment, giving reports. Absolutely NONE has been provided to back up your claim that he does not exist.

I am awaiting the next issue of Manchester Student Direct, perhaps it will enlighten me.

In any case, that was fun, if a complete waste of time.

Still, I honed some valuable people tracing skills.


well Tony

06.01.2005 09:51

... extreme is as extreme does ...

Anyone is welcome to look up the 'whois' database.

Anyone is welcome to contact, say, 'Democracy Now', and enquire the parameters and limits of their delusion as to DJ. Here is a link:

Of course, this whole episode is designed as a divertisment. A magic slight of hand ... look over here folks (pay no attention to that man behind the cloth).

Even if he didn't exist (and if you want to waste your time and energy proving or disproving that ... go ahead, knock yourself out!) the FACTS REMAIN:

Faluja was a massacre.

The massacre was committed by amerikans.

They serve israel and oil.

One can see why there exists groups and individuals committed to covering up and distracting from these facts.

It would be more amusing if ... it were amusing.

This tactic is often used ... but rarely to such an idiotic length ... which leads me to conclude that it is one or two unbalanced individuals (Rockwell/sceptic/bullshit buster etc etc) that are having their fun.

Let them.

Move on.

Visit the links found here for all the interesting and non idiotic websites that are involved in trying to counter the march of facism and war.

Use the situation to better yourself and increase understanding.

Ignore fools.

mail e-mail:

I think you missed the point

07.01.2005 12:05

So a group of students set up(or take over the identity of as the case maybe) a pretend journalist. Their intention is to get pretend stories published in the mainstream media. Individuals posting here maintain that the journalist must be real because the stories have been published by a media outlet. . . . .

Have you got it yet ?


Lie. Repeat. And again . . .

07.01.2005 13:39

Repeat the lie, repeat the lie, repeat the lie. Hell it worked for the nazis, and what better role models could you want?

Quite clearly there is much evidence Dahr Jamail exists and none that he doesn't, but maybe you should just tell some more gratuitous lies . . .

Joe Goebells

What fun

07.01.2005 15:44

Even the most basic checking illustrates that this so called journalist is a fake and yet because people fell for it they are sooooooo desperate to "prove" this is not the case.

Wake up people, a group of students took the time and trouble to fool a number of media organisations and individuals. The fact that they achieved their aim and you believed them doesn't make the individual real !

Face facts - you were fooled. Inside of ripping the piss out of people who discovered the truth why not face up to your own bias making it easy to conn you ?


Hey Joe

07.01.2005 18:44

No Joe, um, obviously what happened is, um, some engineering students from Manchester University, some 10 years ago, built a ROBOT, CALLED DAHR JAMAIL, predicting the war in Iraq that would come.
This robot built itself an identity as an alaskan journalist for a while, specialising in mountain climbing, which is very easy for robots, as they don't need oxygen for the very high altitudes. Thanks to the superb programming skills of these students, the Robot Dahr Jamail, known as an RDJ, was able to write very well written articles for local newspaper.

Afterwards, when the war began, they sent the RDJ on a tour around different states of the US to give talks to groups of naive, unsuspecting anti-war activists, about how it had been to Iraq and seen what was occuring.

Finally, they deactivated the RDJ and began their nefarious disinformation campaign on the internet.

It is all completely obvious, can't you see?



08.01.2005 13:49

Like I said - soooooo desperate to believe.

Here's an idea.

Ignore the Jack Lucid techno-babble (bet that gets the girls hot eh Jack !)
Ignore the "I read an article by him in an on-line newspaper so he must be real"
Ignore the "I met someone who had once been to Alaska and they knew a women had seen him through a window" claims
Ignore the "He reported on atrocities in Falujha and I know atrocities in Falujha took place so therefore that proves he's real" theory.



the 'techno babble' ...

09.01.2005 12:50

... is the freely available and definitive record of the ownership of the website.

Take a few seconds to let that sink in and then decide whether or not a group of students in manchester could fake/alter this record!

This is a classic disinformation trick ... equivalent to electronically jamming a signal by overlaying it with noise.

All the while the central and important fact is left to one side ... that amerikans in pursuit of oil and in support of a terrible agenda of racist zionism have committed grave and widespread attrocities on the people of Iraq.

This point will not dissapear however many warped ignorant & dispicable attempts are made to divert attention.

These attocities constitute war crimes as defined in international law and are subject to the same penalties as in 60 years ago in nuremburg.

mail e-mail:

A bit slow ?

09.01.2005 15:49

Talk about missing the point !!!!

The postings here are not about denying the atrocities in Falujah which may or may not have taken place. The postings here refer to how a group of people are posting reports to indymedia and pretending to be in Iraq. If the reports of atrocities turn out to be true that does not mean the individual is real !

I realise this is proving difficult a concept for some to grasp but please make the effort.

Got it now ?

you make the effort

09.01.2005 16:22

... to concentrate on the issues!

The title of this thread refered to attrocities in Falluja, not 'manchester students fake journalist' ... to which you (and others) have not presented one bit of credible evidence for (hint: heresay is not admissable in a court of law - why should it be here?)

First the existance of the journalist is questioned, a matter quite clearly delt with, now it is claimed that that is the main issue here .. which rather proves my point of it being a divertisment!

Throw in the tired old trick of hinting at, or directly claiming that [we] have a problem - mental or otherwise - when [we] present evidence that the contention is false ... [we] must be suffering from delusion ... it's the classic 'one two': attack then mock the defence as reactionary.

The trouble is that, in terms of effect, the exercise is pointless.

DJ will (unless stopped[sic]) continue to report on the events unfolding in Iraq, those reports and others will squeeze around the censors pen and the historical record will be accurately maintained until such time as justice requires it.

mail e-mail:

Further News

09.01.2005 18:50

Because of the publicity related to this group the University has decided to impose a censure on them. A hearing is going to be held on Tuesday at 11am. The Watkins building for anyone who is interested.

Love Lisa


Isn't it strange . . .

10.01.2005 11:33

This thread seems to be the only place on the internet the allegation that DJ is a fake has been made. Stranger still since "they've even been featured on the local BBC news" and "The BBC did admit they were fooled at first".

Bloody amateur psyops.



11.01.2005 17:38

Dahr Jamail posted some new reports on his website today.

Funny behaviour for a bunch of students supposedly facing censure over this.

I don't know if you're just an extremely persistent bullshiter, or if there may indeed be something going on regarding some engineering students, but you simply have misunderstood what they have done. I'm inclined towards the former, but you never know, it could be the latter. Perhaps you could type up the content of one of these 'flyers' for us.

But in any case, Dahr Jamail continues to exist. I'll post his latest...


Dahr's latest

11.01.2005 17:39

“This is not a life.”
Already today at least 18 Iraqis have died as violence continues to escalate as the so-called elections approach.

Suicide car bombers are striking Iraqi Police (IP) stations on nearly a daily basis now.

Today’s target was in Tikrit, where U.S. military spokesman Major Neal O'Brien said six were killed when the police headquarters was bombed.

He also said, “As the Iraqi police continue to get stronger, and continue to pose a threat to the insurgents and terrorists, they will be targeted.”

Most Iraqis I’ve spoken with appear to disagree with Mr. O’Brien.

“The Iraqi Police are puppets of the Americans,” says Abdulla Khassim, an Iraqi man selling vegetables in central Baghdad, “Who can respect them when they are so ashamed themselves many of them wear masks to hide their faces.”

Of course the IP’s who wear the face masks do so for their own security, and that of their families. As anyone seen as a collaborator with the occupiers is immediately subject to attacks by the resistance, as are their families. Many of the Iraqi National Guard, which has now been folded into the Iraqi Army, wear black face masks as well for the same reason.

“Nobody respects them because they obviously cannot provide the security,” Abu Talat tells me as we drive past a truck with two IP’s in it in front of a closed gas station today.

During my last trip I interviewed several IP’s who complained of lack of weapons, radios and vehicles from the occupation forces. Their complaints were centered on the fact that the resistance had better weapons than the police.

Later in my room we watched a press conference on the television with the so-called interim prime minister Iyad Allawi. A journalist asked him if it was true that the cell phone service would be cut on the 15th of this month because of the upcoming “elections.”

He dodged the question…deferring it to the ministry of defense. The same ministry of defense who yesterday announced that the Iraqi Army was 50,000 troops and hoped that it would be increased to 70,000. Just today Allawi announced that it was comprised of 100,000 troops.

Of course the gas crisis continues to worsen. Most of the stations in Baghdad are closed.
Rather than cars filling their tanks, strands of razor wire and empty fuel tanker trucks sit in many of them.

Ugly reminders of the lack of reconstruction about in Baghdad, like this building that was destroyed during the invasion.

Iraqis are reminded daily of the 70% unemployment with the gas shortage driving the costs of everything through the roof. Even petrol is 1000 Iraq Dinars (ID) per liter on the black market, which unless you are willing to endure 12-24 hours waiting in a line, is the only way to get your tank filled.

When I was in Iraq one month ago it was 300 ID per liter. Imagine what you would do if in your country you had 70% unemployment, were without a job, and the cost of fuel rose 333% in one month, thus driving the costs of everything from food to heating oil up?

Speaking of the gas crisis, this morning a pipeline between Kirkuk and the Beji refinery was exploded, and several lines southwest of Kirkuk were also destroyed.

In central Samarra today a car bomb detonated as a US convoy was passing, but no word from the military on casualties, which means there probably were some. A second bomb detonated shortly thereafter, killing at least one Iraqi soldier and a civilian.

Also, a roadside bomb intended for a US convoy near Yusufiyah missed and struck a mini-bus, killing 8 Iraqis and wounding three others. For unknown reasons the mini-bus was then attacked by gunmen, who kidnapped three Iraqis.

Keep in mind that Yusufiyah, just south of Baghdad and in the “triangle of death” was recently the scene of large scale US/UK military operations to rid the area of resistance fighters. Looks like those operations were about as successful as Fallujah, were fighting also continues on a near daily basis.

Driving through Baghdad today, en route to an interview, we are once again spending most of the time sitting in traffic. At most intersections, women and children begging for dinars walk between cars with their hands out…pleading.

Abu Talat fumbles in his pocket for some dinars while an old man pleading for God to help him stands at the car window.

Holding a cane, he is blessing Abu Talat repeatedly for his kindness as he is handed some money.

“Look at what has become of Baghdad Dahr,” he tells me as the traffic finally begins to inch forward again, “All of us are suffering now. This is not a life.”


Latest News

11.01.2005 20:36

The University did indeed today impose a censure on the people concerned however thanks to the support of a number of people who came to attend the meeting no action has been decided as yet. The University suggested that they could post articles that had been seen in other publications first but this was rejected. Much was made of the fact that a new posting had been made to the site just before the meeting and this was described as provocative.

A further meeting has been called for 28 days time and I will report on this after it happens.


Hi lisa

12.01.2005 00:16

At this hearing, did these students by chance explain what they did to the former journalist Dahr Jamail whose identity they stole. We'd very much like to recover the body.

Mr and Mrs Jamail