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New Dissent! Poster

Paul Oster | 24.12.2004 12:04 | Globalisation | Repression | World

Hi here's the new Dissent! poster for the G8 Summit in Gleneagles, Scotland this summer.

Please print, copy and distribute!

Resist the G8!
Resist the G8!

(image also downloadable from dissent website at a4 size)

Paul Oster
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25.12.2004 10:50

Ever hear of Bilderberg ? at there last meeting at a five star hotel complex at Stressa Italy about twenty protesters
turned up , despite there being most of the worlds luminarie figures including war criminal Kissinger it was not mentioned in the Italian main stream press, the UK press completeley ignored it as did the rest of the worlds controlled media (all of it). The BBC did have an interesting little piece on it's website .

Bilderberg: The ultimate conspiracy theory

BBC: If You Think Bilderberg Has Power You're With McVeigh and Bin Laden

Of course as John Pilger says the best way to discredit a story is publish it a right
wing web site, it therefore is no longer true. Obviously if you happen to be running
a few "right wing websites" this very well worn propaganda trick is even simpler.

As everyone on the so called left will tell you "conspiracy theorists" are all right wing anti
jewish goose steppin' nazis .
But Bilderberg is not a theory it's well real. I am against the power if the jews really control
the world I would certainly be against them, but personally i believe that they are just used as
a decoy to keep people from the truth, which is that the people who are run the world are the
european aristocratic families, through freemasonary, The UN , NATO,CFR,BILDERGERG and
for example the ROYAL SOCIETY, various chivalric orders.the Knights of Malta St george and co
(there are really loads of them full of royals, nobles and other riff raff scum) they all do great
work for charity of course !!
Through these and other organisations they run their multi national companies with help from
a bunch of political puppets those of the LEFT being the biggest piss take that man has ever
been taken for.

I'll down load your poster and put it about a bit and although i support you in your protest I really think
your barking up the wrong tree .. all the best


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BBC: If You Think Bilderberg Has Power You're With McVeigh and Bin Laden

I wish you all the best for your G8 protests



25.12.2004 21:39

Royal families and secret medieval societies do really rule the planet, capital is happy to let medieval cliques make all their decisions...

Yeah right... I believe you, thousands wouldn't...

Pre-capitalist analysis of late capitalism is less than helpful and thankfully the vast majority in the movement understand this, so there will be protests at the G8 and this is why there are not big protests at Bilderberg meetings.

not looking backwards

don't look backwards check who's who in the power broker stakes

25.12.2004 23:36

Blair might be slightly brighter than Bush who is not capable of .. well I wonder what he is actually capable of.
Do you really think that Blair and the rest of the puppets at the G8 will actually be responsible for any real decision making. They will all have been well programmed before hand by the real power brokers and you certainly don't need to go back to medieval times to find them, all though most of them have been at it for centuries.
I wouldn't want to get into an argument with "the movement" but it's worth mentioning .

same agian

What is the root cause of the problem...

27.12.2004 11:03

...the problem...the nature of the programming, and all the rest of it, is a function (like some kinda insane maths) of ritual racist child abuse...

Thus the problem essentially is about magic..good versus bad...and the solution lyes in breaking the 'power' (sick) of this maliagn order (rather than individuals per say).

What happens otherwise?... the current karmic path is doomed.

Jah Liberation!

King Amdo