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solidarity | 20.12.2004 12:38 | London

A night-long protest under tarpaulin in Parliament Square
When: 7pm, Wednesday 22 December - 7am, Thursday 23 December.
Where: Parliament Square
Called by Voices in the Wilderness UK

According to figures compiled by the International Organisation on
Migration (IOM) more than 200,000 refugees from Fallujah have yet to return and 'many
are in desperate need of aid, with temperatures in Iraq heading towards
freezing' (Reuters, 2 Dec). If and when they do return to their devastated
city they will have their finger prints taken, their retinas scanned, be
forced to wear special ID badges, and possibly be dragooned into 'work
battalions' to clear the rubble created by the US assault (see below for
more info).

We in the anti-war movement must try to highlight the plight of the
Fallujah refugees: protesting against the Orwellian plans to turn Fallujah into a
"model city" and demanding housing and compensation for the homeless and
bereaved and war crimes prosecutions for Bush and Blair.

The press has reported that the first refugees are likely to be
returned to Fallujah on Christmas Eve (24 Dec). Please join us next
Wednesday (22 Dec) for a night-long protest under tarpaulin in
Parliament Square. Bring: warm clothing, candles, food to share &
appropriate placards and banners.

For more info. contact Voices in the Wilderness UK: 0845 458 2564
(local rate call) or e-mail Web:



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