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Ramparts Radio Promo

Ramparts video course crew | 18.12.2004 23:41 | European Social Forum | Culture | Indymedia | London | Oxford

First-time film makers make video promo for RampArts radical radio station in a single afternoon!

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Oxford video activists Hamish Campbell and Richard Hering ran a video course at the Open Day celebrating RampArts social centre's six-month anniversary on Saturday 18th December. The crew made as their first film a promo for the amazing RampArts Radio, which continues web-casting 24/7 since the European Social Forum in October. Check it out:

You too can make video reports fast with little or no experience - to find out how, check out the Activist Video Guide:

For inspiration, check the latest Undercurrents video magazine at:

Ramparts video course crew


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