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Blunkett forced out by a lie

Keith Parkins | 16.12.2004 18:59 | Analysis | Repression | Social Struggles

Home Secretary David Blunkett has been forced out of office by the lies he told about fast-tracking a visa application for his mistress's nanny.

David Blunkett has been forced out of office by the lies he told about fast-tracking a visa application for his mistresses nanny. Two lies, that he had not fast-tracked a and neither had his office.

Arrogant to the end, Blunkett claimed he had done nothing wrong.

As usual, the questions that should be asked are not being asked.

On Monday we had Gerald Howarth MP making cheap political points that Blunkett had a mistress. Who cares?

The focus is on whether Blunkett lied re fast-tracking the visa application. When caught out, he claims he could not remember having done so. We are expected to believe, his mistress is opening her legs for him, he does her a few favours, but cannot remember?

Why was it necessary to fast-track the visa application? Does this not show failings in the department Blunkett was responsible for? If all applications were handled promptly, it would not have been necessary to have fast-tracked the application.

The other crime Blunkett was to have committed, for which he put his hand up for, was that he gave his mistress a travel concession. If available to spouses, this would seem reasonable, so long as not being handed out to dozens of them. What was not being questioned, was that spouses are entitled to travel concessions.

Blunkett was a disaster as Home Secretary. During his tenure in office, we have seen a dramatic erosion in civil liberties, draconian legislation pushed through.

The best that could be said of Blunkett was that he was promoted 'populist authoritarianism'.

Blunkett told a lie, in fact two lies, and as a consequence he was forced to resign as a Minister.

No one got hurt. Blunkett got some pleasure out of his mistress for favours granted.

If anything, we have to feel sorry for Blunkett the human being who apparently has got very badly hurt when an affair of the heart went wrong. A place we have all been if we have lived

Where does this leave liar Blair?

What does this say about Blair's personal judgment, who backed Blunkett all the way?

As a minister, Blunkett was forced to resign for telling a lie.

Why is Blair still in office?

Blair has told umpteen lies, enormous great whoppers, about the war with Iraq.

Unlike Blunkett's little porkies, Blair's lies have caused people to get hurt. Iraqis are being killed, Iraqis are being abused and traumatised, Iraqis will suffer the effects of depleted uranium and unexploded munitions for generations to come. British soldiers are being brutalised in a war with no honour.

Blunkett was forced to resign for a few little porkies.

Why is Blair still in office after telling enormous great whoppers?

Blair must be impeached.

Blunkett may have gone for the wrong reasons, but at least we can bid him good riddance. Now is the time to get rid of Blair too.

If David Blunkett is forced out of office for lying, then why not the even bigger liar Tony Blair?

Keith Parkins