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Glasgow Anti War Action | 13.12.2004 14:39 | Anti-militarism | World

This morning, 6 activists from 'Glasgow anti-war action' blockaded Weir Pumps Ltd in Glasgow who have been profiting from the war in Iraq. The company who are a supplier to Halliburton are part of a new campaign of direct action with the aim of causing the company sufficient disruption and economic damage, that they stop supplying components to Halliburton.

Further, still, the company make parts for the Trident nuclear submarines based just thirty miles from Glasgow at Faslane. (Some activists involved with Glasgow Anti War Action are from Faslane Peace Camp.)

The activists lay locked-on at the main gate for four hours, and D-locked the other foot-gate causing, as one worker put it, "mass disruption." Workers were very supportive, giving us fists of solidarity, hoots from cars, waves…even tobacco, and advice on where to get the best coffee locally! The management on the other hand responded to one activist who shouted, "Sir, this company is profiting from the war in Iraq. It has blood on its hands," by answering with, "Too right we're profiting from it, you bet, and proud!"

(One worker security guard who was seen as too friendly with the protestors got hauled over by management and disciplined in front of everyone, which indicates, they are worried about worker disapproval too. We intend to contact the union from the company, for whom we have a contact.)

The management all seemed to be driving Porsches, BMWs, Merks etc. One car had, "Death 911" as it's number plate. These people are sick.

There was massive media coverage with STV (ITV in Scotland) putting a piece on their lunchtime news, Five radio stations doing live interviews, and several newspapers did interviews following a PA Newswire, including the Guardian, Herald, Daily Record, New Internationalist and we got front page of the Glasgow Evening Times with a big photo! BBC have it on their website too…

One activist explained, "This is just the start of a new wave of direct action in Scotland targeting those profiting from war. Gordon Gentle, a soldier of just 19 from Glasgow, died in Iraq, and meanwhile a company in Gordon's home city are profiting from the slaughter. We demand that the Weir Group stop supporting Halliburton."

This week, it was revealed that Halliburton have made over $10 billion in contracts with Iraq.

NB. Faslane Peace Camp needs visitors! See for directions or dial 01436 820901

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