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Ten Arrested at 'Banned' Picket

imcr mcr | 08.12.2004 03:31 | Repression | Social Struggles

Ten people were arrested in Manchester city centre at the weekly picket outside Marks and Spencers'. On the 27th November police informed protesters that the picket would be illegal under the Public Order Act anywhere other than the Peace Gardens.

Defying the order, picketers began a moving protest outside the shop and were arrested alongside others who had ceased to actively protest, but were known to be 'part of the group'. Police have imposed bail conditions on some of those arrested on Saturday, although none of them have been charged with any offence.

10 Arrested at 'Banned' Picket | Appeal to defend the right to protest | Ban on the Right to Protest


imcr mcr


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  1. this is unfair. — joe
  2. I called Manchester police — sarah