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warning to immigrants, DONT COMPLAIN IN NEW ZEALAND

pete kiley | 27.11.2004 01:50 | Anti-racism | Health | Migration | London

why no justice for us in this 10 year issue?

25 nov 2004 (can you imagine the sort of upbringing my 2 young daughters have had,with this 10 year unresolved issue, why wasnt it resolved to our benefit from the beginning ? the nastiness and hate we have endured was all unnecessary.)
A NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT (local and central) “VENDETTA” against us

Why have you turned this issue into a “VENDETTA” against us?.. At the outset of this issue we simply complained of saint clair vineyard chemical spraydrift, on to our home and our seddon motor camp property .and instead of solving it for our benefit, you all went against us, including local farmers who told us to remove our camp advertising signs from there paddocks on state highway one.(the original signs have been there for years ) also many nasty evil incidents from locals,such as our camp signs being ripped up and thrown down our bank, police say it must have involved a tractor and several people to do such a thing, (we were out shopping in blenheim at the time), one involved a shooting, and some life threatening, a brother of a local council spraying contractor rex nichol put a barbwire fence on our land, stopping people walking to our camp, then he came to our home in a violent mood and physically abused denise by pressing a broom handle on her neck, breaking the handle,and damaging her vertebra ,she had to have psysiotherapy and wear a neck brace for months, and still has neck pain,to this day, rex nichol was arrested by the police,and was taken to the police station but was never charged .. many locals work in the vineyards. As you are aware the camp was established in 1980,and the vineyard (seddon) 1993/ website clearly shows my daughters medical certificates from doctors. Please take the time to study the websites .you have seen the file on this issue several times,and DID NOTHING !

ACC (government agency) SAYS its obvious we have been poisoned over several years. I realize many local and central government officials have interests in the wine industry, but this shoudnt affect the issue. Also whats the connection between the saint clair estate vineyard and air new Zealand (which is 80% nz government owned) I need this information for my book. Why didn’t the ombudsman sort this issue out? They have acted on other peoples issues in seddon, so why not for us?..Initially we sent the many tourists letters of complaint against the st clair vineyard to the marlborough district council (MDC) and to the seddon settlers association,(local ratepayers group).the outcome of this is that they set up a safe council run camp up in seddon away from vineyard sprays ( the awatere motor camp seddon) this new camp is funded by seddon ratepayers, of which I am one (human rights abuse), the new council camp never went through proper resource consent and is therefore illegal (ultra virus ) as one lawyer told us in his report, we as owners of the privately run camp should have been notified of their intent to open a council camp and we could have objected, of course this is all part of the “cover up” here.

Now for the council (MDC) to cover themselves a “sneaky thing took place”, a professor advised denise and my chidren to move to a spray free area, well away from the vineyards (I couldn’t move as I had the camp to run) as the camp was mortgage free we took out a mortgage on the cheapest house we could find in picton,(a relatively spray free town) 45 min drive north of seddon,.(One blenheim businessman said ,with all that you have been through, the council should have brought you that house ), then one day denise rang me and said she felt unwell and couldn’t move,as if she was paralysed ,a neighbour phoned for an ambulance and had been taken to the doctors in it. ( my daughter kylee was in a wheelchair at the time ) I couldn’t get anyone to run the camp for me so I put a closed sign up , and hurried over to picton, on returning to seddon a few days later, I noticed a man walking down the camp and taking photos of the camp closed sign, it was neil ansley the then secretary of the seddon settlers association, I told him he was trespassing, and he quickly walked away to a waiting car. This “sneaky act” gave the council and settlers an excuse to open there camp up in seddon . they all knew my girl kylee was in a wheelchair after eating our plums on the boundary to the vineyard (spray poisoning) first her appendix burst and she was near to death, then as the poisons were coming out of her body she lost the use of her legs. It was only weeks before that ansley came to our seddon home and talked to us for hours about this issue, he seemed very sympathetic, then, then he does a sneaky thing like this. (neil ansley has since left seddon).

We have contacted many media groups, such as the nz listener magazine, they never replied, (neil ansleys brother is an editor there). Then the council boss ceo bob penington got into some devious dealings, he wanted a so called “independent review” on our case, and suggested this in a letter to the then crown minister for the environment hon simon upton, , simon upton rejected it, and said it would not add anything further to our case, and he was right. But bob penington was determined to have his way, and he approached the Christchurch city council environment staff (ian Hutchinson),for help in his quest, they agreed to help penington with his “independent review” which consisted of the council (MDC) hiring retired christchurch lawyer john milligan to conduct it. (how can it be independent if the council payed milligan ?).

needless to say the report was a pointless exercise,and apportioned no blame on the MDC council, “surprise surprise”. Shortly after this, the crown minister simon upton quits politics !! . What we have here is a devious local government “cover up”

.. “brutally unbelievable”,as one American described all of this. And more to be revealed in my book.

The marlborough medical officer of health marie leonard also owns a vineyard and REFUSES to
talk with us on this issue…Also.the Marlborough public officer of health alan Campbell stated “the two business are not compatible side by side” (meaning the established seddon motor camp and the new st clair vineyard in seddon) we asked campbell to put this in writing, he said he would, many years later we are still waiting for the letter.
When the new seddon information centre was opened, the st clair vineyard owner neil ibbotson provided free wine for the occasion, we were told by neighbours who attended, that the people there were saying bad things about us, gossiping and running us down, these neighbours supported us and left the celebration in disgust .
Then you have the likes of ex-mayor and now councilor liz Davidson telling people like rosa oliver that im a dangerous person,(rosa has always supported us on this issue)
We went to a council meeting regarding bird scaring noise from the vineyard, And ex-mayor Gerald hope said he would call the police on me,and get me arrested !!, I hadn’t done anything wrong, this scared and upset my young daughter who was with us at the meeting, after the meeting closed, Gerald hope said, oh im “not “calling the police now !!, these are the type of council scare tactics used against us..(gerald hope also owns a vineyard) the present time both liz Davidson and Gerald hope are nominees for the marlborough mayoralty .9/10/2004.
Council boss hans verteigh and jon cunliffe came to our home to dicuss the st clair vineyard nuisance,versteigh got angry, and “swore”,more at us than against the vineyard !! versteigh later said to us"IF YOU CANT GET A LAWYER YOU CANT BEAT US CAN YOU" jon cunliffe was very “respectfull” at all times , he later quit the council.
the queen and prince Charles also know about this issue and were sympathetic.
it’s the end of the line, we have been humiliated long ex-wife Denise Corden (age 55) and my 2 girls are about to lose there home at Blenheim Marlborough new Zealand (she cant afford the mortgage) and is in poor health for such a move… the new Zealand government WILL NOW STEP IN and save her and my daughters home. You will also PAY OUT COMPENSATION TO THEM..Of course this is NOT what I had planned for our lives when emigrating from the uk in 1992, I was full of hope then…..... I TOLD THE MAYOR OF MARLBOROUGH LAST WEEK THAT I WAS WILLING TO DO A 20 YEAR PRISON SENTENCE because of this unresolved issue,( his attitude was very sympathetic ) then he briskly walked away, saying he had an important meeting to go to, and that he would contact us soon. before this issue i believed in democracy, and that “ PAID” lawyers, and the Marlborough district council (MDC) would sort out this issue for us in a fair and honest manner, how wrong I was… IM SORRY ITS COME TO THIS, but I can’t walk away from this issue. thanks to all those people who have joined my website, and the few people here in new Zealand who have supported us……from Pete Kiley,17 nursery lane seddon Marlborough new Zealand (seddon motor camp) (now closed)…… PS. I have NO criminal record whatsoever, up to this point in time… ( denise and my girls know nothing of this letter )

( does the new Zealand prime minister helen clark have interests in the wine industry? and clark chemicals nz ? she does not answer these questions,WHY NOT ?)

new zealand ENVIRONMENTALISTS ARE PART OF THE COVER UP when the then new
>zealand environment minister hon simon upton, told our local MP doug kidd and bob penington the (CEO marlborough district council)
>that a council review on this issue would "not be needed" this upset bob
>penington ,so he contacted the christchurch council environmentalists ian
>hutchinson and alan shepherd, for there support in getting his"council review report" they both visited us at our seddon motor
>camp, ian hutchinson took notes, while alan sheperd was not in a happy mood .i asked ian
>hutchinson if a report would be made,as i thought they had visited our camp
>on our behalf,(how wrong i was).hutchinson and shepard saw the spray
>circles on the st clair vineyard road,(where they neglected to turn there sprayer off),and also where my plum trees are!!,, my daughters ate some of these plums, and soon after her appendix burst, then later,as the poisons were coming out of her system she lost the use of her legs, and was confined to a wheelchair for 6 weeks,years later,she still has aching bones, and is home schooled by the regional health report was made to us.!! WHY DID THESE CHRISTCHURCH ENVIRONMENTALISTS.COVER THIS ISSUE UP ?.and why did they GO AGAINST THE new zealand ENVIRONMENT MINISTER SIMON UPTON ?. then soon after this SIMON UPTON QUITS POLITICS !!

new zealand green party co-leader rod donalds reply to this letter
Dear Mr Kiley

Thank you for your correspondence. I understand you have already had correspondence with Ian Ewen-Street and Jeanette Fitzsimons. I am not prepared to become involved in this issue.


From pete Kiley seddon motor camp 17 nursery lane seddon Marlborough new Zealand (03-5757778 )
Mourn not the dead that in the cool earth lie-

But rather mourn the apathetic throng-

The cowed and the meek-

Who see the worlds' great anguish and its wrong

And dare not speak.

RALPH CHAPLIN (1887-1961)

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pete kiley
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