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Protest for the right to protest at Newchurch Farm

Reb Ellion | 26.11.2004 23:05 | Animal Liberation | Repression

The government is cracking down more and more on `animal rights extremists`. The freedom to peacefully protest is fast disappearing. Please support the campaign to stop the breeding of guinea pigs for torture and fight for our right to protest - join a demo this Sunday.

Please join a demonstration this coming Sunday from 12 noon at Newchurch Guinea Pig Farm in Staffordshire. If David Hall & Partners, their greedy lawyers and Staffs Police get their way, this could potentially be the last ever Sunday demo at the farm!!

The same kind of draconian injunction that has previously been used against SHAC campaigners and those opposed to the building of Oxford Uni`s new torture lab, was yesterday served on Newchurch protesters! A total of 13 individuals and 4 groups are named on the injunction but the restrictions it will impose will apply to everyone who wishes to express their disgust at the breeding of guinea pigs for cruel, useless, misleading experiments.

Under the terms of the injunction, demonstrations will be banned on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays. One weekday protest will be allowed per week which must be arranged with the police, will be restricted to 2 hours and must involve no more than 8 protesters!!!

Those named on the injunction intend to fight it in the courts. The police already have many powers which they can(and do constantly) use to restrict protests and `protect` David Hall and Partners. This injunction is yet another attack on our freedom to speak out for suffering animals and it must be challenged all the way.

Please don`t stand by whilst yet more restrictions are imposed against lawful, peaceful protesters, join the demo at the farm on Sunday and protest for our right to protest!!

Reb Ellion
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