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Blunkett tells opponents: if you don't like it, vote Liberal

Richard N | 24.11.2004 00:10 | Repression | London | Sheffield

When asked on tonight's Newsnight (23/11/04) about Labour critics of his controversial 'anti-terror' policies, David Blunkett didn't mince his words...

In recent times, when asked about the possible loss of traditional Labour voters to the Lib Dems, New Labour politicians have been drilled to issue grave warnings about supposed one-off 'protest votes' increasing the risk of a Tory 'back door' victory. Tonight David Blunkett rejected this softly-softly approach. When it was put to him that the draconian plans outlined in the Queen's speech could lead to many thousands of voters defecting to the Lib Dems (who strongly oppose ID cards, trial without jury and similar freedom-eroding measures) Blunkett replied dismissively that if Labour people are seriously opposed to policies designed to combat terror they are 'more than welcome to vote Liberal'.

Whether this open contempt for the views of Labour's core support is (publicly) endorsed by Blair remains to be seen...

Richard N