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New rumours about location of G8 summit in 2007

ab | 22.11.2004 19:10 | Globalisation | Repression | World

Tendencies in politics and locally indicate, that in 2007 the G8 summit is likely to be held in the Northeast of Germany, near Rohstock. Officially the location will be announced in spring 2007.

The exact location is supposed to be Heiligendamn, which is one of Germany’s oldest holiday and health vacation location.

The Kempiniski Grand Hotel is expected to be the venue, and famous for having hosted the european monarchy and the russian tsarish families.
Already now, the cycle path has been closed and taking photographs is prohibited, as well as attempts are made continously and so far unsuccessfully to privatise the beach in front of the hotel, which is situated at the sea.
The hotel is surrounded by flat countryside and all the surrounding villages are several kilometres away, Rohstock is about 20 kilometres away and situated to the East of the hotel.

Diskussions about mobilising, structures and tactics will start after the announcement of the venue in spring 2005.

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