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Radio Insurgente, the EZLN radio station, now in the web!

difusora | 17.11.2004 21:43 | Zapatista

Radio Insurgente, the voice of the EZLN, has now its own website! The EZLN invites all community radio stations to rebroadcast Radio Insurgente's programs.

RADIO INSURGENTE is the official voice of the National Zapatista Liberation Army (EZLN). RADIO INSURGENTE is a radio station which is completely independent from the bad Mexican government. It diffuses the ideas and contents of the zapatista struggle on FM and shortwave radio, as well as on this website and through its own CD-productions. It also informs about the progress made in building the zapatista autonomy through the Good Government Juntas and the Rebel Zapatista Autonomous Municipalities.
On this web page you can listen to or download the weekly shortwave RADIO INSURGENTE programs, as well as some special programs and samples of the FM program. You also can send an email to the Radio Insurgente team with your comments, and see many pictures about the work of the Radio Insurgente team.
The National Zapatista Liberation Army invites all free and community radio stations to re-transmit Radio Insurgente’s program on their local frequency. Retransmission is free as long as the content aren’t changed.
Viva el EZLN on its 21st birthday!

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