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ESF arrestee goes free

Dean | 15.11.2004 17:14

Konstantinos, one of the four people who were arrested at Kings Cross station on Sunday Oct 17th on their way to the ESF closing demonstration walked free from court today (Monday 17th Nov) as the prosecution dropped the case, saying they would be providing no evidence to support the charge.

Konstantinos, a Greek man, was one of the 20 or so people who left Beyond ESF on Sunday afternoon to join the ESF demonstration at Trafalgar Square. They were followed to White Hart Lane by riot police where they were beaten in an unprovoked attack & forced into a carriage, & held prisoner on the train. They were then forcibly ejected at Kings Cross station where they were further surrounded & detained. During all this time they were subjected to police violence, intimidation & assaults.

Konstantinos was arrested, it was claimed, for spitting at the police on the train. He was originally charged with "disorderly behaviour" (section 5A Public Order Act 1986). This was later changed to the more serious "assault".

Today in court the prosecution offered no evidence against Konstantanious & the case was dismissed. He travelled from Thessaloniki just for the trial.

We would like to thank all the anarchists, anti-authoritarians & European left groups who condemned the actions & violence of the police during the ESF & offered support to all those arrested. We consider this true solidarity.

We continue to offer unconditional support & solidarity to all the people arrested & charged during the ESF. We continue to demand that their charges should be dropped immediately.

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