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Dissent! Gathering: Newcastle Dec 4-5

ghd | 15.11.2004 16:36

Come to the next Dissent! Gathering!

Dissent! Gathering( Network of Resistance Against the G8 )
Newcastle 4th & 5th December 2004

Dissent! is a network based in diverse local groups. We meet up at
bi-monthly gatherings to network, discuss how best to mobilise against
G8 summit and build a lasting libertarian movement against capitalism.
have agreed to work within the spirit of the Peoples Global Action
hallmarks. The next Dissent! Gathering will take place in Newcastle on
4th & 5th December 2004. So come along and get involved!

Practical Information
The Gathering is taking place over a weekend. Meetings will begin on
Saturday morning and probably end by Sunday evening but other Dissent!
events may continue until Monday morning and everyone is welcome to
till then!

*** Please note in advance that there will be farm animals at the venue

If you want to attend the Gathering IT IS IMPORTANT that you let us

· How many people you are
· When you plan to arrive ( if you are arriving on Friday, for example
· What accommodation you would like: on site accommodation is floor
or, if you prefer, you can camp, we can arrange private home space, or
course you can make individual arrangements.
· If you have any special requirements ( food, allergies and
proper bed )
· If you are bringing kids with you.

· Please do not bring dogs unless it is unavoidable, and please let us
know in advance.

It is not necessary for you to give us your name or any personal

Food will be vegan, children are very welcome. Costs will be kept to a
minimum, and no one will be turned away who cannot pay. Please bring
sleeping bag ( and tent if camping ) and warm clothes. For the evenings
there are many good pubs and suchlike nearby.

Please email this information to:
or send a letter to: PO BOX 1TA, Newcastle, NE99 1TA

If you would like to make a suggestion for the agenda for the weekend,

See you in Newcastle!

More detailed information about where the Gathering will be held, and
kinds of things will be discussed, will be posted on the Dissent!
closer to the date.

For more information about the Dissent! Network and the 2005 G8 Summit,

- e-mail:

- e-mail:
- Homepage: