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Palestine - the fighting continues

Jewish Arab | 15.11.2004 16:28

With the death of Arafat the in-fightng to get control of the PLO money has begun.

Arafat controlled an income of some $500 million each year and now the fighting has begun as others try to get their hands on some.

Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey said yesterday he was not prepared to comment on fund movements from Paris to Bern that occured just before (or after ?) Arafat died. The French Justice Ministry said it had opened a preliminary probe into transfers totaling 9 million euros in to accounts held by Arafat's wife, Suha, at the Arab Bank and at French bank BNP.

The Westernized daughter of a wealthy banker, Suha was a controversial choice whe she married Arafat. Her extravagant lifestyle in Paris -- where she has mainly lived since 1995 -- merely added to the perennial allegations of corruption in the Palestine Liberation Organization, with the main culprits being the "old guard" cronies who stuck with Arafat during his years in Tunisian exile.

Who loses ? Who suffers ? Who misses out ? Why the Palestinain people of course. We are calling for all who support Palestine and the Palestinian people to write and demand this money goes to those it was intended for.

The Palestine Liberation Organization
Attn: Director General
P.O Box 4120
Ramallah, Palestine

Phone No.: +972-2- 296-3741/2/3/4/5/6
Fax No.: +972-2-296-3740

Jewish Arab