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Police keeps terrorising

NL Editorial team | 13.11.2004 14:15 | Indymedia | Repression | Terror War

On Friday November 12th at about 21.00h, the DNS-provider of Indymedia Netherlands received a writ of execution from the Haaglanden Police, demanding information on the person that posted a threat to politician Geert Wilders on the website of The provider has to submit this information within 48 hours, that is by Sunday at 21.00h. Thus preventing the DNS-provider from seeking legal advice. doesn't keep any logs, there is no obligation for that under the telecommunication law and considering journalism ethics, providing information about sources is at least dubious. The editorial team refused to comply with a menacing letter by the Haaglanden Police to ?Friends of Indymedia? (see Now the police is trying to get the non-registered and so unavailable data from the DNS-provider. The DNS-provider has nothing to do with the content of the website and doesn't have any access to logs or the administration part of the website. The only thing a DNS-provider does is make sure the visitors of arrive on the website when they type in the toolbar of their webbrouwser.

The writ of execution was delivered to the DNS-provider on a Friday night, long after all offices closed. The provider is summoned to provide the information within 48 hours. These 48 hours will be expired 12 hours before offices open again on Monday morning. This way it has been made impossible for him to seek legal advice from a lawyer or an organisation specialised in Internet law like Bits of Freedom.

The writ of execution is also addressed to the girlfriend of the DNS-provider. How she would have access to the data that aren't being kept anywhere, are not managed by her boyfriend and she has never had anything to do with is a complete mystery to the editorial team. Will the police try and convince our postman to submit non-existing data next time?

This attempt by the police to force to provide data it doesn't have and doesn't need to keep started after a media hype over a threat towards Geert Wilders posted in the middle of the night by a visitor to the website. The editorial team removed the posting within 45 minutes, but it still got a lot of attention in the media. The poster is still available on, RTL and de Telegraaf.

The editorial team is fed up with this police intimidation and hopes they will find something more constructive to do with their time after the sending of this letter

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Sounds like the writ is addressed to the wrong person....

13.11.2004 21:24

...if the writ is totally irrelevent to the person on the legal papers, or if they have the incorrect name on the papers then you're off the hook. They tried this with me once...just a minor matter...summons in a incorrect spelling (they know full well who I am)...later a solicitor said that I should just have ignored it, the person on the paperwork wasn't me!

Make sure that you don't get blagged I guess! They wanna fuck you about and try and trap and contain you (freedom) in their masonic legalistic laberynth.


Jah Liberation!

King Amdo

King Amdo


14.11.2004 10:02

We also found out that the domain registrar and "Friends of Indymedia" have received the same writ of execution at aproximatly the same time.

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The Netherlands, what a dissapointment

14.11.2004 18:04

As we see the Dutch participation in butchery in Afghanistan and Iraq, the growth of anti-immigrant and Islamophobic politics, and general participation in the USUK assault on civil liberties, I have been reminded that back in 1940-45 a large part of the Dutch population happily collaborated with the Nazis. There was a Dutch resistance, but there were also a lot of Dutch people who welcomed the Swastika with open arms. One thinks of them as liberal and tolerant, but the other side of their Calvinist national culture is a certain taste for (and tolerance of) repression. Their colonial record was fairly shocking-- worse than the French or the British in terms of violent suppression, and in terms of the public investment and education systems left behind. At the moment in the Netherlands, the darker side of their nature is in the ascendancy. We have not seen the worst yet, I fear.