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Support Liverpool Care Workers!

Merseyside Stop The War Coalition | 12.11.2004 12:36 | Health | Social Struggles | Liverpool

In a time where the occupation of Iraq is becoming more and more bloody and
George W Bush the Warmonger in Chief has been returned to office it becomes
more important to remember that while all the money that is needed to
continue the so called "War Against Terror" is made available other areas

An example of this is happening right now in Liverpool.

In an officially backed dispute Child Care Social Workers at Liverpool City
Council have been on all-out strike action since August. Ostensibly the
dispute developed over an 18 month period around lack of admin support,
excessive workload and improper/inadequate procedures. This developed, with
frustration, as Liverpool Council descended to fairly blatant and aggressive
anti-union and anti-worker tactics.

With Liverpool's Lib Dem Council breaking away from the National Joint
Council, and actively promoting a programme of attacks on Terms & Conditions
as a precursor to hiving off swathes of services, the dispute has taken on an
increased Regional and National Profile.

An official National Demonstration is taking place on Saturday 6th November
in Liverpool. Assembling at William Brown Street, opposite Lime Street
Station, demonstrators will move off at 1pm for a march and rally with
keynote speakers.

All peace activists, trade unionists and other supporters of the Stop the War
Coalition should show their support to the Liverpool Social Workers. The attacks on them are an attack on us all and is a further example of the
ruling parties not caring about the people.

Please try and attend on Saturday bring Banners and Flags.

Merseyside Stop The War Coalition