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More on the seizure of the indymedia servers

richarddirecttv | 12.11.2004 09:44 | FBI Server Seizure | Oxford

The latest Orwellian developments stateside as activists try to discover why our servers were taken.

For a particularly fine article on the recent attempts to uncover the details of the US court order to seize our servers a month ago, see:

A number of questions regarding the seizures have been asked by MPs in the House of Commons. The ministers merely deny, but more interesting is Home Office minister Caroline Flint's response in writing to Glenda Jackson MP:
"Unfortunately, I am not in a position to comment on this particular matter, but I can provide general information. It is standard Home Office policy neither to confirm nor deny the existance or receipt of a mutual legal assistance request. However, where the UK has received a valid request, we will seek to execute it within the framework of our domestic law. This will include being provided with sufficient evidence to justify the actions sought."

I especially enjoyed the "will seek to execute" formula. The Home Office can't promise to uphold UK law, but they will try to, honest. No need for us to worry, then!

For more info, see: