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j | 11.11.2004 09:35 | Anti-militarism | Cambridge | World

MORDECHAI Vanunu, who was freed in April after 18 years in an Israeli prison for revealing the country's nuclear program, was re-arrested here today, police said.

Vanunu is suspected of having communicated "secret information to foreigners" and of having violated the restrictions imposed on him by Israeli security services after his release from prison, police said.
The former Israeli nuclear technician was taken into custody at a Jerusalem hotel, where police seized documents found in his room, they said.

more soon.

that's all Ive found on google news so far. (plus it was on 'today' on radio4)



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info for action

11.11.2004 14:33

Please voice your strongest protest at the re-arrest of Mordechai Vanunu.
The Israeli government obviously thinks no-one will notice the arrest with all the talk
about the death of Arafat. Please don't let them bury this news too. This is surely
the cruellest, most inhumane thing to do to him after so short a time of (restricted)

Israeli embassy in UK: tel 0207 957 9500 or ... 505 or ...518 or ..513
The only other numbers I have are of the Israeli Defence Attache, worth at
try if they've blocked the others: 0207 7416 8199/8 Fax 020774168196.


More details from corporate media + past IndyMedia feature

11.11.2004 15:10

This information was on the BBC:
The Jerusalem Post:
Australian News service:,4057,11357145%255E1702,00.html

Mordechai Vanunu has suffered 18 years in jail for telling the truth. That he has been seized once again is outrageous - he deserves a medal, not more time in solitary. The conditions imposed upon him after his release in April were absurd and unreasonable - amonst other things, he is not allowed to speak to foreigners or the media. Clearly he has done both and more power to him! For transcripts of some media interviews, and lots more information about Vanunu, see this recent UK IndyMedia feature:



11.11.2004 18:35

On the day of Arafat's death Mordechai Vanunu goes back to prison.

As if to fit itself into the quest for coincidence, it was this morning, in the first hours after the death of Arafat became official, that thirty armed police of the Special Investigations Unit entered the compound of the Anglican Church in East Jerusalem, where Vanunu had been staying since his release from prison, and detained the recently released nuclear whistleblower. (They had ignored the request of Bishof Riah al-Assad to rid themselves of their weapons before entering.)

The reason of the arrest according to Haaretz: "for questioning related to an ongoing probe examining suspicions he leaked national secrets and violated legal rulings since his release from prison."

A country which cannot live without phantoms.


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11.11.2004 18:44

>>This is surely the cruellest, most inhumane thing to do to him after so short a time of (restricted) freedom.

and yet totally predictable. vanunu is being used as an example to all, particularly to dissenters and, perversely, the far right cheerleaders, of the arbitary butality of the israeli regime. 'we are brutal, fear us'. they have lost all arguments and have nothing else left.

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Mordechai Vanunu

11.11.2004 21:35

Very open and interesting interview with Mordechai Vanunu done by Democracy Now, from August...