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Black Watch Suicide Bombing Footage - Zarqawi's Group (Video)

Jihadi | 09.11.2004 15:45 | Anti-militarism | Repression

Shocking scene of war.

Black Watch Suicide Bombing Footage - Zarqawi's Group (Video): Paul Lowe, right, with cousin Barry, left, and brother Craig. Paul was killed two days ago. THE killers of the British hostage Kenneth Bigley last night claimed responsibility for the suicide attack on the Black Watch in Iraq in which three soldiers died. The followers of the Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi said they carried out the bombing on Thursday, according to a statement on an Islamic website. Iraq’s most wanted group made the chilling claim as a bitter political row broke out at home over the regiment’s re-deployment in support of American troops. On a day when the 12-year-old daughter of Sergeant Stuart Gray broke down while laying flowers in her father’s memory there were vitriolic political exchanges, in particular between Geoff Hoon, the Defence Secretary, and the SNP leader, Alex Salmond. The veteran nationalist said "a tide of anger" was sweeping across Scotland, and repeated accusations that the Black Watch’s deployment into the Sunni Triangle near Baghdad had been a political favour to the US president, George Bush. A furious Mr Hoon said Mr Salmond’s remarks "demonstrate clearly there are no depths to which he will not sink", and accused him of trying to score political points over the deaths of Sgt Gray, 31, Private Scott McArdle, 22, and Private Paul Lowe, 19, all from Fife. Meanwhile in Iraq, the Black Watch’s commanding officer, Lieutenant-Colonel James Cowan said that while the regiment was "saddened" over the loss of their comrades in the suicide-bomb attack and ambush, they would "not be deterred from seeing our task through".

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09.11.2004 16:49

There's no evidence that the Al-Zarqawi group was responsible.

We should note that the Al-Zarqawi group is tiny and not very representative of the resistance - indeed most Iraqis condemn these kind of groups but support the mainstream resistance. The amount of people Al-Zarqawi group have killed in the last 2 years is less than the US often kills in a day in Iraq - remember 100,000 dead.

While I found the beheading incidents and hostage takings abhorrent (as well as what the US did in Abu Ghraib), I don't find this suicide bombing "chilling".

The Black Watch are allies of US troops who are destroying a whole city and carrying out an ilegal occupation, as such they were legitimate targets for armed resistance.

The best thing we can do is pull the troops out straight away.

Fred Weston


11.11.2004 09:21

Mr Weston,

Your comments are disgraceful.

British soldiers join the forces often in times of peace and believe in protecting our country and upholding our values.

Right or wrong, the Government may choose to go to war; the soldiers do not and are rather there to do her bidding, without choice.

Do not forget the British Army has been involved in humdreds of peacekeeping and humanitarian missions, in particular the Black Watch who was active in former Yugoslavia, Rwanda and Somalia as peacekeepers and aid workers; More, I have no doubt, than you ever did.

But this time they were sent to war and they are not coming home and three more families are shattered.

You have probably never seen the aftermath of a suicide attack, I have, and I assure you that it chills you to the bone. At first you feel absolute terror, then bewilderment, shock, you try to help but can't - it never goes away.

Think about it and if you want to look for who to blame, do not blame three simple, honest Scottish footsoldiers.

You have no respect.

Shame on you!

Do not insult us

Quite so

24.11.2004 13:19

Mr Weston's comments along with thoose of a few others in this media are shameful. Blame lies with politicians not soldiers. Some complete nomark blew himself up and others, no doubt in the belief he would be bathing in paradise with virgins. The 'leaders' on both sides of this bloody mess need to be hauled to account.