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Protest against Fallujah massacre in Bristol City Centre tonight (Tuesday)

aunty war | 09.11.2004 11:52

emergency protest tonight at Bristol City Centre - meet up by the peace vigil


...TUE 9th NOV @5:30pm onwards.

The 'Second War' On Iraq Has Begun.
Please, please spread the word, by word of mouth, email, phone, fax, or whatever method of communicating you can think of.

FALLUJAH : Bristol Stop-The-War Coalition calls on everyone to join the nightly Bristol Peace Vigil, on Tue 9th Nov, & every other night they can, to show our permanent opposition to the all-out assault on the citizens of Fallujah.

PLACE: City Centre.
(Opposite The Hippodrome. St. Augustines Parade). MAP:
(ALSO... MON-FRI 5:30-6:30pm & SAT 3:00-4:00pm.)

"The first assault on Fallujah (April 2004) was a military failure. This time, the resistance is stronger, better-armed, & better-organized; to 'win', the U.S. military will have to pull out all the stops. There will be international condemnation, as there was the first time; but our government won't listen to it; aside from the resistance, all the people of Fallujah will be able to depend on to try to mitigate the horror will be us, the antiwar movement. We have a responsibility, that we didn't meet in April & we didn't meet in August when Najaf was similarly attacked; will we meet it this time?"

Quote from by Rahul Mahajan, Counterpunch, 6th Nov 2004
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