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africa week at the rampART

RAMPart | 04.11.2004 13:42 | Anti-racism | Ecology | Health | London

africa week
at the rampART creative centre, 9.-13.11.'04

-films, exhibitions, talk, discussion, food, music-

the idea of this africa event is to deepen our understanding of africa:
people, politics and culture and move beyond the simple perceptions of war, famine and poverty, while retaining the importance of these issues.

the five days will be themed:
tuesday, 9.11.04
the long way from slavery, colonialism and apartheid to the african liberation. featuring 'cry freedom' and 'amala'

wednesday, 10.11.04
the impact of tourism on african life; aids, psyche and getting back to the origins. talk of survival international. african free comunity cinema.

thursday, 11.11.04
all-womens day: global women strike/women in colour, women fighting for their rights, their living and their kids. african music dj session.

friday, 12.11.04
halt to the destruction of africa: gm, shell, wto, wssd and other corporations. defending the continent. talk by rising tide. african drum session.

saturday, 13.11.04
war in africa: behind the lies of corporate media. talk by alisc/peace/peace & progress not war. aid and human rights. african jam session and concert.

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