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Citizens of the World Vote for US President on Streets of London

Susan Kelly and Zuky Serper | 02.11.2004 19:16 | Analysis | Culture | Globalisation | London | World

New York artist Peter Walsh set up polling stations on the streets of London for only non-US citizens to vote in the US Presidential elections on Sunday and today (pictures to follow). The offical count was held at Beaconsfield Gallery in Vauxhall. See below for the results! Over 370 votes were gathered in a space of 6 hours. We were there! We made history! Those who stopped to vote were happy to influence the results of the election that has the biggest impact on the rest of the world.


After a successful day of balloting on the streets of the city of London, the
results from Plebiscite2004 were calculated this evening, Tuesday, November 2,
2004 at Beaconsfield in Vauxhall, London. Votes were also counted from
absentee balloting in New York City.

In Plebiscite2004, citizens of all nations were invited to cast their votes
for United States President.

The results are:

John Kerry 68% - 253 votes
George Bush 12% - 45 votes
Ralph Nader 11% - 42 votes
Roger Calero 6% - 24 votes
Michael Badnarik 1% - 4 votes
Hillary Clinton - 1 vote
Winston Churchill - 1 vote

For further information go to:

Photos from Speakers Corner, Parliament Square and other polling locations
will be available soon.

Plebiscite 2004 was an experiment in radical republicanism in the spirit of the work of the great revolutionaries of the eighteenth century. Its goal was to signal a pragmatic vision for the expansion of political enfranchisement around the world. ALL PEOPLE have the right to participate democratically in decisions that effect their lives and well-being.

Plebiscite 2004 created a dialogue between U.S. citizens and citizens from other countries around the world about the nature and boundaries of democracy. Who gets to Vote? Why? What are the requirements, rights and responsibilities of citizenship? How can we work to bring more democracy into the world?

Plebiscite2004 was a pro-democracy project that was not in any way affiliated with the government of the United States of America nor the government of any State or City in the United States. Plebiscite2004 will count your vote, but the United States Constitution and the laws of each State do not currently allow the government to do so.

Thanks to the dozens of extraordinary volunteers who made this project possible!

Susan Kelly and Zuky Serper
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