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. | 02.11.2004 15:59 | FBI Server Seizure


Can someone from Indymedia let us readers know what has happened so far with investigations and stuff?

Has anything else been found out?

Who has been investigating and how?


cheers :-)



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No real news yet...

02.11.2004 20:09

The motion to unseal in the US has not had a date set yet for when it'll be heard. This action is being taken by the EFF ( on behalf of Indymedia. As soon as there is some news from this it will no doubt be posted. It is to find out who and why legal action was taken against Rackspace in the US.

The UK gov are denying any knowldge of the seizure of the hard disks - there have been several written answers in the House of Commons, search for indymedia on Hansard for more info on this.

The hard disks were cloned and the original have been sent to the EFF for analysis. Most the sites are back up but not all. The UK site is no longer running off a Rackspace server and it's not going to again.

The solidarity petition ( deadline has been extended -- sign it if you haven't already!

UK IMC is about to launch a server fund raising appeal, this did go live for a while today because the publishing server is down, this version ( might be changed before it's properly put on the front page -- some dosh is needed for some new kit to make this site work better!

I think that is more-or-less where things are at but perhaps I forgot something.

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I don't think that it was a co-incidence that the big social forum event...

02.11.2004 22:03

...was about to happen in London to be honest. It is these foculising events (of an alternative reality basically!)...and similar resistance events on the ground at anti global capitalist elite protests...that they are frightened off...because the energy that is generated is in direct opposition to the energy of where they are coming from...which is in fact thus...

(read the second comment down by myself here)

They appear to be getting a bit over confident.

Allah Akbar.

King Amdo.

King Amdo

info on server seizure aftermath

06.11.2004 20:31

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a concise article about the legal proceedings since the harddrives were seized in London on October 7:

Another good resource is the register, most recent article from Nov 4:

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