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Homeless families on the increase!

Mike Lane | 31.10.2004 10:58 | Liverpool

The situation of homelessness is getting worse in Liverpool, and right across the whole region of Merseyside. The recent steep rise in house prices and the present demolition derby, which is taking place, is having a grave effect, especially for poor working class families

According to recent articles in the Liverpool Echo homeless families have increased by 48% and 7,000 families are living in overcrowded conditions in Liverpool.In my oppinion, one of the main reasons for this increase is the massive demolition of social housing which is now taking place throughout the city and region.

Thousands of three and four bedroom Registered Social Landlord (RSL) terraced housing and former council housing, which has been transferred to RSL’s, is now in the process of being demolished and not enough social housing is being built to replace them. Instead hundreds of acres of land that social housing once stood on has been sold by RSL’s and councils to private sector builders, such as Lovels (Lovels are wheeling and dealing with the Liverpool City Council and the massive RSL Riverside Housing and all it subsidiaries). Most of the house that will be built on this land will be sold to perspective homeowners; very few are being built for the rented sector. This is daylight robbery of former public land by rich builders to build houses for sale rather than for rent. This is yet another sign that central government wants to relinquish all its responsibility of social housing. The governments housing corporation is standing by as it always does and allowing RSL’s, who claim to be charitable organisations, to behave in the same manner as private sector organisations.

What is happening here is very serious, already some RSL’s are charging £100 per week rent and tenant oppression is on the increase as middle class executive officers in the councils and in the plethora of RSL’s harasses and badger their tenants. They are even using the harassment laws to silence dissident tenants and tenants who complain. This is all part of a bourgeoisie resurgence that is taking place across the UK as this same bourgeoisie strives to impose its cultural perspective onto the working class.

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Taking the new out of News

01.11.2004 14:36

It may be an important issue and relevant but can I ask how this differs from the other posts on this subject from Mike?

Kensington Resident