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Bush steals election at rampart cinema tonight

rampart | 27.10.2004 18:02 | Free Spaces | London

>>Wednesday 27th October 8pm

- free community cinema presents…
* various bush bashing shorts and…
* Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election (Richard Perez & Joan Sekler)

15 rampart street, london

Tuesday the 2nd of November will see the two warlords George Kerry and John W. Bush battle it out for the biggest prize of them all - the US presidency. So this Wednesday might be our last chance to honour Bush and give him the respect that he truly deserves as the president of the United States of America…. what…? did someone say he’s not the president?…

A lot of things were said about the 2000 US Presidential Election - Bush voters said Gore was a sore loser, Gore voters said their votes hadn't been counted… This film shows how bush stole the election and how the game was rigged from the start. From chasing black voters away from voting locations at the threat of being arrested for loitering, to threatening to run warrant checks on the license plates of any car parked outside black county voting locations, to the scrubbing of nearly 50,000 mostly black and latino voters from registration lists (90% of black voters traditionally vote Democrat). And the people who oversaw this mess in Florida? They'd be A) George Bush's brother Jeb, and B) Katherine Harris, one of the higher-ups in the Bush 2000 Florida election campaign. And you still think voting equates to democracy?

As a documentary, Unprecedented is perhaps overly long and doesn’t have the humour we have come to expect from the big documentaries of the last year. However there can be little doubt that the exhaustive research and extensive line-up of knowledgeable interviewees make for one dramatic, disgusting and all too conclusive case that Bush became president not because he was elected by a majority of Americans, but rather that the ground was prepared ahead of time by people in his employ to ensure that any close result was tipped in his favour.

>>>> Friday 29th October

Social evening with vegan food, drinks plus open mic and jam session. Bring your instruments, poetry or whatever. Bring an embarrassing record from your vinyl collection to donate and play. Live streaming on rampART radio for those that can’t be here.



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27.10.2004 20:48

Dear world,

What are we to do? Our president is a lying fake who only cares about the interests of his friends- oops I forgot you already know that. What if they rig the election again? Diebold machines are already proven unreliable, and even if they don't swing the numbers the Electoral collage can over turn the vote if they see fit. Contrary to the media most Americans (who are paying attention) don't support bush. What were seeing is the same media front the Nazi's used in WWII to control the masses with propaganda. It’s pretty funny when you go look at the movies that came out in the year preceding 9-11 more than 50% are war movies. Kind of makes you wonder-Huh...

Worried in San Francisco,

Somebody please give me some hope

Nate the woried San Franciscan

sont worry, things can only get worse

28.10.2004 16:08

I'm sure bush will win and I think thats how it must be. I think if Kerry won we would altimately be in a worse place cause people would remain complacent. if bush wins then I think people will be outraged and scared and hopefully forced to offer more thought and resistance thus waking up...