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Storming the Palace

levin | 23.10.2004 22:17 | European Social Forum | Repression | Cambridge

About 200 people storm the European Social Forum on Saturday October 16th 2004...

There's two versions of the same video - if you have the connection the MP4 is much better...

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Fantastic video!

24.10.2004 02:27

thanks!! couldn't make it to the esf this year (any year?!) but was really inspired by all the stories coming out of north london.... now, sat at home with a friend, we have just watched this movie and were absolutely amazed at how well the storming of the palace went - congratulations!! and thank you so much for taking the time to put together this little piece: really showed us what we missed.

love and solidarity


not racist just crap

26.10.2004 10:17

This is the UK anarchist movement is it? Your country at war, occupying and slaughtering Iraq, and your response? To march into a meeting of unarmed academics and trade unions and shout at them. Ohh how brave. When can we expect to see airbases blockaded or Blair confronted? Or is that too scary, are middle-class lefties easier targets?

I await evidence that UK anarchists are anything more than silly adolescent posers.

real anarchist


28.10.2004 09:39

Listen, "Real Anarchist" (you'd be unlikely to use that phrase if you really understood what it means), why do you have to see things in such black and white terms? The fact that a group of people wanted to make their voices heard inside the ESF does not mean that they are not engaged in plenty of other struggles. It's not an either/or thing!

What were YOU doing that afternoon? Planning an armed offensive against the white house and downing street I suppose.

Maybe try making some constructive points or DOING SOMETHING yourself, rather than just slagging off other people.

Be Happy :-)