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Autonomous Spaces-where are the reports

zcat | 22.10.2004 12:33 | European Social Forum | London

I've seen numerous postings on the scuffels with police and reports on demos
BUT what happened to all the reports photos etc. of all the talks dissusions workshops that were run over last weekend ????
not to mention the partys that happened.

There were aparently hundreds of panel discussions, talks and workshops so why is there a conspicuous absence of reports on all those?
Yes the site was very slow and some people probably gave up trying to post (please if you did try again now) it aint too late to post reports
The site is functioning properly again ! :)
It would be great to read about some of the things that went on over that weekend.
I for one was too busy helping to run the media center to attend any of the presentations and am a bit dissapointed to not see any analysis, critique, reports or even simple 'hey i went to blahblahblah and had a really good/interesting/shit time there'.
Its sad cause there was such a diversity of things being debated and people who didnt get to london can only read about the aggro stuff (not that those aren't important) on indy-uk and not the things people came to london to debate and talk about.