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Trust you had a successful and productive social forum

david | 21.10.2004 00:17 | European Social Forum | Social Struggles | London

I see this as an introductory weekend, the plenary workshops and practical demonstrations of what is actually possible. Was and is a shining example to a whole new generation!

Trust you had a successful and productive social forum.
I see this as an introductory weekend, the plenary workshops and practical demonstrations of what is actually possible. Was and is a shining example to a whole new generation! Those who where there be it organisers, or visitors should be proud and pleased at what has been achieved .The event by far was more successful, progressive and dynamic than any of the four major party conferences held this year. It proffered more solutions crossed more boundaries and had far more significance than the G8, WTO or any other of the main stream parties, because y/ours is the voice of the people, none of us that were there were paid, we came because there is a need for such a voice, if we did but know it. It is the voice you and I have been waiting for, for so many years.
It is the voice of reason in a World of insanity. We may not believe we have all the answers but I for (1) have all the answers though not necessarily in the right order, As does every (1) there.
I believe that now is a time to capitalise on what we have learned.
The real lessons of the whole social forum
We are everywhere
The seeds of a new beginning, the warmth and the love that was experienced could never have been bought and could never have been sold. And yet it was an experience shared, it gave us something to believe in (IT) was a forum of hope

There was and ever will be “A “ (problem = reaction = solution)
(1). The solution always running away not because the going gets tough but its tough to keep going with all the seeming obstacle that are in the way those” Supposedly imposed” from above. The rigours of daily life not being the least of them, and yet we managed to find each other one way or another, and i thank “G((i))D” for that. IT gave us an insight into what another world could be like, a small taster of a world to come.
I believe! That we should cherish the bonds we have made between us for the sake of our future the ART of the re/evolution is, it’s simplicity, it is based on LOVE- PEACE and UNDERSTANDING this feeling is a universal it permeates all levels of society. Am I a dreamer or a realist, I have examined the possibility that the two are not compatible, and have come to the conclusion that they are. The visions that we share point the way to a bright and more just future I believe that we must now realise our potential and go way beyond the ESF there has been much talk of late, about voter apathy understandable given the lack of solutions on offer from our present incumbents. There have been many discussions about taking the forum on the road using every facility at our disposal the message we bring to the world needs to be heard. Together we can do it, the education establishment’s public houses and gathering places are our playground. These are our new outreach spaces the support and backup we need is now all within reach, the down hill part is now strengthening those ties. By taking it upon ourselves to visit our friends and open doors to those friends we have yet to meet.
The hard work dedication and faith that went into the forum touched the hearts of us all. And is a testament in it’s own right to the need for a different approach a brave new future a newly ordered world, rather than the ominous new world order which hangs like a cadaverous, vampire over us and threatens the lives of those who have yet to be born, the greatest threat to humanity is generally our lack of faith in our ability to change things, the time has come to break the mould
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