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pictures of registration at Conway Hall, Thursday, 14th of October, London

ab | 20.10.2004 21:24 | European Social Forum | Repression | London

Two pictures featuring the police intervention at the registration point for the official ESF at Conway Hall. Unfortunately haven't thought of the camera untill too late to document arrest.

Police intervenes at Conway Hall, when the building was closed off to people wishing to register.



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And what happened exactly? Why did the police intervene?

21.10.2004 16:58

Interesting pictures. I take it the tent with the SWPie parasite flags is some kinda recruitment stall?

Question is why were the police called, by whom and who did they arrest, and why did they arrest them?

Remember seeing some video footage of the arrest but that didn't seem very clear either apart from a couple of SWPie clones complete with papers like reality shields saying that there was nothing they could do.

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The reason why the police were called. FACT:

21.10.2004 22:32

This is a letter from the guardian (see the web link). It explains exactly why the police were called. This is amazing - Conway Hall had NOT BEEN BOOKED BY THE ESF!!

Hall story

Monday October 18, 2004
The Guardian

For over 75 years the Conway Hall has been a leading independent centre for free thought, rational debate and peaceful assembly (Chaotic Olympiad of the fringe and commune begins, October 15). Conway Hall was not booked by the European Social Forum, nor had we authorised our premises to be used as the central registration point for the gathering. We are investigating how it came to pass that thousands of people came to Red Lion Square in such circumstances, creating a potentially dangerous situation. It appears senior members of the GLA are implicated.
To the many visitors who were misled, especially those from abroad: we sympathise and thank you for your patience and cooperation. Please do not let the events of one day tarnish the many of us in Britain who are working with you in a more organised way to help build a stable, free, fair, secular and tolerant Europe.
Peter Vlachos
Hall manager, Conway Hall

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