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Arrests at ESF

wombles | 19.10.2004 15:19

During the European Social Forum, both at Alexandra Palace & on the closing march, several people were arrested. The people charged are as follows:

1. On saturday evening at Alexandra Palace, the people involved in the intervention were stopped & attacked by police as they were leaving just beyond the main building. One man (Canadian) was arrested & charged with theft (of a police helmet), assault & obstruction.

2. On sunday afternoon 4 people were arrested at kings cross station as they travelled to the official esf demonstration. The charges are:
1) disorderly conduct (a Greek man) - section 5, Public Order Act 1986
2) asaulting a police officer (an Italian man) - section 89(1), Police Act 1996
3) assaulting a police officer (an Italian man) - section 89(1), Police Act 1996
4) obstruction of a police officer (a Dutch man) - section 89(2), Police Act 1996

3. Later at Trafalgar Square some people wanted to make an announcement from the stage to let people know of these arrests. They were prevented from doing so by stewards who called the police.
Two arrests took place:
1) using threatening words & behaviour (a british man) - section 4 of the Public Order Act
2) section 5, Public Order Act 1986 (a spanish man)

If anyone knows of arrests that took place during the ESF please contact us.

We offer unconditional support & solidarity to those arrested.

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