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Indymedia Reporter Violently Arrested

imc'ista | 17.10.2004 15:57 | Indymedia | Repression | London

One Indymedia volunteer was arrested from behind the stage at the rally in Trafalgar Square.

A delegation of people apparently were let into the behind stage area, it seems a larger group may have tried to follow.



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Not unconcious

17.10.2004 16:12

There were rumours that he was unconcious. He was NOT. This is CONFIMED, there are photographs showing it.


Noise Demo

17.10.2004 17:09

7 at Charing Cross Police Station

samba man

Is this what you're talking about?

18.10.2004 21:35

Some photos here - an Indymedia reporter being arrested and apparently going floppy so that it took 5 cops to do it (look for photos entitled "IndyMedia reporter arrested"). Is this what you mean?