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ESF continues while activists are arrested!

Global Project | 17.10.2004 15:20 | European Social Forum

Minute to minute updates reguarding the arrests at King Coss station

Update - Official Social Forum speakers continue while activists are being arrested right under their noses!

For minute to minute upades reguarding the arrests at King Coss station with live radio corrispondence:
See the article on Global Project

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17.10.2004 19:06

Actualizaciones de los arrestos en la estación de King Cross minuto a minuto

Actualización - Los conferenciates del Forum Social Oficial continúan mientras algunos activistas están siendo arrestados delante de sus narices!!!

Para actualizaciones minuto a minuto referentes a los arrestados en la estación de King Cross con la radio en directo:

Mira el artículo en Global Project




17.10.2004 19:53

Shame on you!! The ESF turned out to be the graveyard of a movement. I still can't believe what's going on, militant beaten and arrested (many italian as well) on the street without any reason and the whole ESF that still don't give a fuck marching as nothing is happening. No protest allowed inside and outside the ESF and all the report I' m reading from indymedia italy talks about the intollerance against any dissenting voice, and the awful burocracy of the organization itself. Sold OUT for a couple of pound the ESF is now a covert branch of the PSE where so-called militant are making trial for a future seat at the european parlament. this make me sick. we'll be nevermore on your side. today the movement split. Sorry for my english dudes, but I felt really backstabbed by how things are turning out after many year of struggle and sacrifices.

from italy

no wonder

21.10.2004 19:42

No wonder, Wizo from Italy, when the esf has been sponsorized by Ken Livingstone and The Guardian, and policed by the SWP. That's why we why organized the autonomous spaces.That's why we stormed Alexasndra Palace. These bastards do not represent the anti-capitalist movement. Your English seems fine to me.