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The police are under resourced

kriptick | 17.10.2004 14:15 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | London

There are at this moment about 75 police at King's Cross surrounding about 15 peaceful protestors who got off the train and were trying to join the main demo today. Makes a bit of a mockery about their usual claim of always being under resourced.

This many cops...
This many cops...

From this many wagons...
From this many wagons...

To control this many protestors. (sigh)
To control this many protestors. (sigh)

FIT team present of course.
FIT team present of course.




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Bring them back to school

17.10.2004 21:36

They hold us for 2 hours, threating us with metal sticks, when people were arrested they where like animals

Metropolitan police = nazis...

see you in the g8.



18.10.2004 01:37

Solidarity from New York City! We're with you!!!!


the good 'ole' days are gone

18.10.2004 12:19

The days of marching are gone and were pointless anyway, convergence is forbidden in a totalitarian state


Police sucks - but nazi-comparison sucks too

18.10.2004 13:54

I know we all don't like the cops - but comparing them to the nazis is plain wrong and politicaly dangerous because it is at the same time it is making the nazis crimes seem less terrible. Talking bout nazis we are talking about systematically killing millions in a industrialized manner because of their "race" or believes and causing more millions of death in a war that set large parts of the world on fire.

No justice - No peace, Fight the police !

Kein Vergeben, kein Vergessen - Deutschland abschaffen !
(do not forgive, do not forget - abolish germany !)


A picture paints a thousand words

19.10.2004 12:02

A picture paints a thousand words ,
These are our weapons ,an almost total media blackout on the whole peace demonstration and a celebration of the most successful and meaningful political discusion to be held in this country for years , an international conference attended by more people than all of the mainstream party conferences put together, containing within it’s composition some of the most dynamic ,progressive and positive political thinkers in the world , a great unified voice in opposition to the current geo-polititcal insanity that is responsible for famine, war ,and the spread of global terrorism. Those responsible know that their time is comeing to an end and they are scared, hence the police presence, these pictures can be used to shame them and wound them they must be presented at the various political rallies up and down the country and used in evidence Against the prospective candidates. or at the very least to illustrate their shortcoming with regards to progressive political thinking.
My opinion only

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26.10.2004 16:23 my new french friends who were caught up in this kettle. They have repectable jobs, they came to the ESF almost on a whim, they arrived at the Beyond space and were directed to the cheap food and free squat accomodation, we shared wine and conversation (in crap french from moi). The next day they they emerged from this situation in tears, and were telling any media types they saw how have never seen such policing. They are now committed to radicalisation and activism, they said, the police have forced this change in us. Congratulations Metropolitan police for furthering the cause...