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No Borders Action Statement

samba qween | 17.10.2004 01:59 | European Social Forum | Migration | Repression

For those who didn't see it, this is the leaflet given out at Waterloo last Thursday night when the Eurostar arrivals section was stormed by a couple of hundred protestors.


Today many people are crossing the Channel to attend the European Social Forum, or the alternative, less hierarchical gatherings in London this weekend.

Many others will be stuck in Calais, or other places, excluded by lack of visas, passports or money. Among them will be many living on the streets of Calais, constrained by the British border regime, homeless because 3,500 cops closed down the Red Cross refugee camp at the British state's request, exposed to the racism and violence of the French police force.

Others excluded are the "sans-papier" - those without documents who have developed their struggles and unity over many years, and the other "sans" - those without jobs, housing, money.... whose struggles have developed alongside.

The people who have the most to say as usual have the least access to the spaces where discussions take place, where decisions are made.

"a woman without papers in France isn't entitled life; she just has the right to struggle for survival. We hope you'll join our struggle" - Valerie Magnanga from Benin.

Today the excluded are demonstrating in Calais, and we are bringing the struggle to London.

Solidarity with all the undocumented migrants and refugees of Europe and the world.

Movement of the People

Nearly everywhere in the world the social structures and incomes on which people depend are being shattered by war and privatisation, enforced by Western banks, states and arms dealers.

Sometimes the only way to resist is to move and find somewhere where it is possible to live and to fight. It has always been the way that the dispossessed have flown to where their wealth has already been concentrated. Its what makes London a city worth living in.

As it did in the '30s against refugees from Nazi Germany, the Daily Mail and its imitators create fear and hatred, with the government both happy at the diversion and scared to be seen not to be putting its foot down.

But this movement of people can not be stopped. The strategy of the state is only to make those people who manage to arrive more scared, isolated and vulnerable, how they want us all. Restrictions can only lead to more deaths and misery, and to more restrictions for all of us.

We want to be able to move too, to get together with those who, like us, are sick of the way our rulers rip off and carve up the wealth that we all produce together. And we want to do something about it.

We are everywhere.

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