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Worldwide Anti-McDonalds Day - mass leafleting event

Prettypunk | 16.10.2004 15:13 | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Globalisation

A mass leafleting action took place at midday today, outside the McDonalds in Leicester Square. Today is worldwide Anti-McDonald's Day. The event was a celebration of 20 years of resistance to McDonalds and solidarity with all exploited workers and customers, brainwashed children and their harrassed parents!

Activists arrived and unfurled banners highlighting the explotation by McDonalds, and the 'McSlurry' that is marketed to us and in fairly considerable numbers proceeded to hand out leaflets urging people not to eat McDonalds. The leaflets informed passersby of the involvement of burger chains in the deforestation of the Amazonian rainforest, the low pay and poor conditions under which McDonald's employees work, the suffering of farm animals, and also the previous court cases that McDonalds has faced over the abuse of child labour and a dishonest advertising campaign which tried to promote their food as healthy!

Much to the bemusement of tourists and Londoners the crowd that by now had gathered outside McDonalds broke into a bit of a dance to chants of 'No McDonalds, No Exploitation!' and then started an inpromptu conga.

Unusally for events in London, there was fairly low key policing with only 3 van fulls of police there to keep an eye on events. They must have been kept busy elsewhere!

For more details on the campaign against McDonalds see

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Don't go to McDonalds

11.06.2006 13:08

When i was younger McDonalds was absolutely my favourite place to go - I just loved the food. But I was simply a child who was misinformed and not up-to-date with the shady going-ons of this multi-national company. McDonalds is to blame for such a large chunk of deforestation. We have often heard that climate change and global warming is a result of deforestation and most of us will have nodded and thought 'Yes I'll try and cut down on paper!' But 'paper' is not half of the problem. McDonalds is massacring large areas of the Amazon to create cattle ranches for beef and to grow soya to feed their chickens. None of us can claim to be behind envriromental issues if we still insist on going and having the occasional Big Mac. After all 'it's just one it can't hurt' - oh beleive me, all it takes is one. So now I'll never visit McDonalds again and I beleive I am a better person for it. Having recently turned vegetarian I have an intense dislike for the food that is served there everyday anyway. So I plea to you, emissions and waste are also very important issues but you can help by not feeding McDonalds anymore. Don't contribute to our planet's demise. DON'T GO TO MCDONALDS!