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Lab of Insurrectionary Imagination worship outside Selfridge's

imc-dispatch | 16.10.2004 14:45 | European Social Forum | Social Struggles | London

The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination teamed up with a samba band and clowns outside Selfridge's on Oxford Street.

Around 60 folks in total (with 20 or so sambistas) were joined by two vans of police who told the Lab that they must *not* block Oxford Street (ironically the traffic flow is blocked by the Met's vehicles).

The Lab set up mats to pray to the God of Consumerism & Consumption at the Selfridge's Temple.

The general atmosphere was chilled.



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27.10.2004 00:36

at around 2.45pm, over sixty people from the lab of ii -  http://www.labifuu.ent enter Selfridges, department store on Oxford street, and in small groups began to pray vey loudly to the catherdal of consumption and its life saving brands. Store security had alot of work on their hand as worships spread themselves throughout the store, asking for more desire and more beauty from all the glory around them. Praying last for about 20 minutes before all the worships were ejected from the store. Store sercuity then closed all entrances to selfridges, only allow people out, for about 1 hour.

Shopping is the new religion, Praying to Products is the next logical step.

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