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Sat 15 - Two arrested still in police station

yomangoista | 16.10.2004 12:34 | London

Saturday 1th - 12pm - Update on the two arrested from yesterday night's tube party.

The two people arrested yesterday night are still being kept in police custody. It is still not known why they have not been released, nor what charges are they facing if any.

They are being kept in Bethnal Green police station, and no information about their release has been given to a group of supportes gathered outside. The only news from their lawyer are that police claims that one of the arrestees can not speak english, and that after more than 20 hours of detention, they still have not been able to find a spanish interpreter.



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14:10 release update

16.10.2004 13:24

They have both been released after 20 hours of detention, no charges, both had dna and fingerprints taken.