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ESF registration in chaos

IMCista | 14.10.2004 11:55 | London

At around 12:40 there are unconfirmed reports of one arrest outside Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, where today's official ESF registration is taking place.

Reports indicate that the building has been closed as it was overwhelmed with people. The ESF staff are asking everyone to leave the area. The building will be closed until management sort the problem out.

Police have been in attendance. There was one report of an arrest and one man wrestled to the ground after police found it difficult to get into the building.

Estimates of the number of people at Conway Hall range from 1000 - 5000.

For those who don't want to register, the autonomous spaces do not require registration. Go to the Camden Centre, Bidborough St, near Kings Cross for the EFCR/Indymedia event, or to the Tottenham Campus of Middlesex University, White Hart lane (near White Hart Lane station).