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brief report on O12-london actions

d&t | 13.10.2004 21:27 | Venezuela | London

brief report on pachamerica & venezuela solidarity actions in london on october 12th

Here in london we didn't have a massive demo as in Caracas, but we had a nice crowd!

We started at 11 in front of the Mexican Embassy where people from Chiapas Solidarity were demonstrating and they gave a document to the ambassador asking for indigenous rights.

From there we moved on towards US embassy with our George Cristopher Columbus Bush statue, blair the parrot and the flying world.

Rhythms of Resistance played and then Nina (Global women's strike) gave a speech and after people from Hands off Venezuela and Chiapas Solidarity talk as well.

Rub the Rub played a song (specially composed that day!) in support of the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela.

And we ended up again with more Rhythms of Resistance beats shaking the rainy day.

After we went to Middlesex university where Dave Raby chat on Venezuela.

And after to NUJ in central London where was a debate about Venezuela and the media.



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