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We demand attention! ... on the death of Edwin Ndupu in Stein prison, Austria

shovel | 13.10.2004 20:03 | Anti-racism | Repression

On Sunday, 17th October 2004, a demonstration will take place in Krems/Stein, Austria. Remember: On 19th August 2004, Edwin Ndupu died at Stein prison after an operation by 15 to 20 special security officers in full armor. A more than sceptical expert opinion from the Vienna Medical Jurisprudence said Ndupu died on self-inflicted injuries.


To remind: After the death of Marcus Omofuma on 1st May 1999 during a deporation from Austria, the Vienna official medicolegal expert Reitter prepared an expert opinion, which give the same reason for the death as now for Edwin Ndupu. Both a Bulgarian official medicolegal expert and the chief official medicolegal expert Brinkmann from Germany came to other results: Omofuma definitely died on asphyxia.

The expert opinion on Edwin Ndupus cause of death is dispute too. The Vienna journal Falter asked surgeon specialist Wilfried Wehner from Wilhelmshafen in Germany. He cast doubts on the official version. For him it is dubious, how a person armed with a butter knife can injure himself in such a way, that this directs to his death. He further told, that the given expert opinion normally could not explain the inquest.

Lord Chancellor Miklautsch see no reason for disbeliefs on the procedure of the officers. For her it was correct. She told that the expert opinion doubtless results, that the death is no connection with the treatment by the officers. She gives her relatedness and compliment for the intervention to the officers. Miklautsch invited them to coffee and cake in the ministry of justice to give them tribute. An official speaker told that each of the officers got 2000 Euros for doing this heavy job.

In contrast for the International Association for Integrative Action (IAIA) the situation is not so clear. They asked for an independent autopsy. This will also be demanded on the demonstration on Sunday, 17th October 2004 in Krems/Stein. Furthermore the demonstration will point out the unsustainable situation at Stein prison. Here is the call for the demonstration:

We demand attention!

People die brutally in this country and are buried away quickly and quietly in disregard of public protest and demand for an independent investigation.

For that reason we are organizing a demonstration on October 17th 2004 at 1:30 p.m. from the cemetery in Krems / Donau (Wienerstrasse 87 Gate 2 3500 Krems / Donau) to the Stein prison (Steiner Landstrasse 4 3500 Krems / Donau) to call the attention to the mysterious death of Edwin Ndupu (Nigeria).

According to our information, Mr. Ndupu was beaten to death by 10 - 20 special security officers in full armor after his cell in Stein prison was tear gassed and stormed by them.

We protest against inhuman conditions in prison!
We protest against a racist state apparatus!
We want to dig out the truth. We demand that his body be exhumed and an independent autopsy be conducted to establish the truth about the cause of his death.

We must work together and unite to demand more respect for all people.

Bring banners / drums!

Lift & meeting point for the demonstration (to & from)
Sunday 17th October 2004 11:30 a.m.
in front of Franz-Josefsbahnhof (Julius Tandlerplatz 3 1090 Wien)

Please reserve for the bus on
Thursday 14th October 2004 from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. calling 01 523 64 75
or via email: schaufel (at)

There is also a train from Franz Josefs Train Station in Vienna to Krems/Donau on Sunday, 12:00 (noon). Please come already at 11:30am, if the bus is not full and tickets for a group are cheaper.

More Info about the case of Mr. Edwin Ndupu:

Coalition for Action

This call as pdf-flyer.

Further information in english

- Communique on the death of a prisoner, 08 Sep 2004
- Communique oh the death of Mr. Edwin Ndupu and his Remains, 17 Sep 2004

Not a single case

The death of Edwin Ndupu is not a single case. There where many racist motivated killings as well as Austrian citizens who were killed threw officers. The most of this cases are not known very well.

Some published cases are following (with no claim on completeness): Marcus Omofuma, Imre B., Richard Ibekwe, Johnson Okpara, Seibane Wague ....

More info on this and other cases on

- Homepage: