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IMC servers in EU Parliament

Anita | 11.10.2004 07:34 | FBI Server Seizure | Repression | Cambridge

Flemish MEP Bart Staes (Green!) will raise the confiscation of the IMC servers on the European Parliament later today.

On Sunday 10 Oct. a member of the IMC East-Flanders was contacted by MEP Staes. The Flemish ecologists are apparently planning to raise the matter in todays sitting of the EU Parliament, according to a report posted earlier today on Indymedia NL.

IMC Belgium is carrying a report to the extent that Belgian MP Stijn Bex (Spirit) intends to pose questions on the matter to the Belgian foreign minister Karel de Gucht, including a request the minister raise the matter with his American, Swiss and French counterparts.

Four Belgian IMC's were hit by the theft of the servers.



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More MEPs

11.10.2004 14:48

Caroline Lucas MEP, who represents the South-East of England, is also looking into making
some kind of formal complaint about this.