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Saddest case - Charlotte Wyatt

Mark McCarron | 09.10.2004 03:13 | Analysis | Health | Social Struggles | World

A quick look decision, in relation to Charlotte Wyatt, a very sick child in the UK, that may have some major legal problems. It may also be an indicator, of larger scale problems, with the UK justice system.

Mandatory state suicide? Wait just a goddamn cotton pickin minute...

Firly, I would like you to read this passage from the Sun newspaper in the UK ( and then I will introduce you to the problem.

Saddest case

IT would take the wisdom of Solomon to resolve the tragedy of premature baby Charlotte Wyatt.

Her parents have quite properly and understandably done all they can to prolong her life.

But the courts are right to recognise that, however heartbreaking it may seem, such action may not be in the best interests of Charlotte.

Doctors and nurses will undoubtedly do their very best for Charlotte, but we all must recognise there are limits to what medicine can do.

We cannot imagine what Darren and Debbie Wyatt are going through.

Our hearts go out to them.

Whilst this is a very difficult decision, the UK courts have no legal right to make such a judgement. 'The right to die with dignity', does not exist in UK law, in fact, that is defined as murder.

The UK court by attempting to make such a decision, is subverting the law of land. No matter how nobel the intention, it is not legal, nor acceptable. This decision and future decisions, need to be taken from a purely legal aspect. This action falls under the catagory of 'mandatory state suicide' for ill children.

That is a neo-nazi policy.

For those involved in the case, especially those concerned with the child's pain, if God wants her, all the assistance in the Universe, will not help.

Where is the law on planet Earth?

Mark McCarron
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