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radio rampART streaming now

rampart | 03.10.2004 22:02 | European Social Forum | Free Spaces | Indymedia | London

After a coupld of days of installing a new operating system, networking and other techy type activity, radio rampART is now streaming on

(also see

The mp3 audio stream will be proving coverage of the European Social Forum in London throughout the next couple of weeks. We are up now, for testing purposes, but sofar without content. We'll leave it looping some old segements from DSEi and various other bits and pieces as we start to work on content.

We aim to be streaming our new content over the week before the ESF starts with details of the various venues, initiatives, workshops, screenings and cultural events that will be taking place.

If you want to get involved, come along to the meeting on Monday at 7.30pm at the rampART (15 rampart street,London E1 2LA)

We are looking for contributions of segements, jingles or whatever from the various autonomous spaces. So get out your mididisc recorders and send us your content.

During the Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we will be doing live streaming from the rampART studio and hopefully even from the streets on the sunday. Want to take a slot? Come to the meeting and tell us about it!

listen now!

radio rampART

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Link not working

04.10.2004 10:08

Am getting a 404 for the radio station link.


back online

04.10.2004 13:27

back online, somebody close the radio app in the early hours while checking their email ;-) sighhh

So, lets have some content!! send it in!

- Homepage:

A little content to get started

05.10.2004 20:42

Download: Rampart radio intro - mp3 336K

Download: ESF intro 1 - mp3 5.2M

Download: ESF intro 2 - mp3 5.4M

A little content to get things started...